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My Currently Active Electronic Mail Addresses are:

I can also be contacted in Yahoo Instant Messanger. My Current online status is shown on the home page of this website, and clicking the status sign will start a YIM message to me. (If you have YIM installed.)

A Few Notes about sending me E-Mail:

Rexx is a UNIX server which means I can only read messages that are PLAIN TEXT, and which are formatted according to RFC822. (The eMail standard) If you put in any HTML code, even a link, it automatically goes into the trash and I never see it.

Don't bother to send me spam (junk mail, or advertisements.) I am a practitioner of the dark and arcane arts of Unix and will take revenge by unleashing my dæmons on you. (The Unix PostMonster can be a terrible beast!) At the very least, spamming me gets you banned from a number of systems and I **NEVER** buy anything from spammers or visit websites that are solicited in junk mail.