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 My life started with the assassination of John F Kennedy.  On hearing the news, my Mother went into Labor and I was born three days later, on November 25th.

General Statistics ... I am 6'2" tall. My Eyes and Hair are Brown. (Although I am starting to get "snow on the roof" as they say.) I weigh about 300 Pounds and am of Austrian-Hungarian and British Ancestry. I have had a Mustache and Full Beard for most of my adult life. I smoke Cigarettes and on occasion Cigars. (Marsh Wheeling is my favorite brand of Cigar.) I do not like Whiskey or Beer but do enjoy Rum on rare occasion.

I was one of those 70's computer Kids; Electronics, Computers and Radio were my hobbies. (And I mean as in Engineering... Building Electronics and Computers resistor by resistor, chip by chip, not just plugging in pre-made boards into sockets.)

I grew up in various locations around Southern California, most Notably in a small horse-ranch community called Norco. I attended Saint Catherine's Military Academy in Anaheim California.

I am a Furry.