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Yes, I have a Tattoo....

When I was about 13 years old, I saw an old tattoo advertisement hanging on a wall in the Calico Ghost Town. I got interested and outright asked my Mother if I could get one. Her reply was that if I REALLY wanted one.... Picture of my TattooThat answer (and the way she said it) made me realize that getting a tattoo should be for a good reason. It needed to be an actual work of ART.

Over the years I kept the interest and on occasion looked in on Tattoo Parlours looking for the right image, and an actual artist. Just before my 25th birthday I was working for Bechtel in Norwalk California where there was a Parlour.  I found on his wall a very interesting ... well, sort of Miniture Dragon, but not like one I had ever seen before. After watching the artist work for awhile, I decided. After talking to my Wife about it, I did get that Dragon as my Birthday Present.

"Berfert" is located on my Right Inside Forearm. He is about 8 inches Tall and about an inch and a half wide at the wings (which are folded.) He is mostly Green, with Grey, Purple and Red highlights. The Purple and Red has faded a bit over the years but now 20 years old he is still amazingly quite clear. (Although the photo on the right doesnt do it justice at all.)

His name came from the MYTH series of books by Robert Asprin. He has provided me with a lot of joy and I consider him to be one of my most prized possessions. He is the one (and most times only) thing I like about my body.