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I hate to be bored. So I play Games and Simulations. I tend to prefer complex simulations over simple games but there are exceptions. And I am usually very good at them.

In the 1990's I had intended to create a series of Video Play-Guides and had recorded some for Turok: Dinosaur Hunter which Ray helped produce. I have decided to restart that project and will be including guides to some of the games I have in this section.

Bookmark this PageThe Games section of my Website is being Updated as I play through the games ... so be sure to check the pages for your favorite games often! NOTE: Games marked with a RED PIP by their name are not online yet, but will be soon.


Live Stream Broadcast
At one time I used the X-Fire game system but they no longer exist. But I now have something better. I have played on STEAM for quite some time. I have setup a live streaming video feed which allows anyone to watch as I play.


About the Movies on this site

The Video on this website is encoded as MPEG-1 Video, which should be viewable on most computers. (The MPEG-1 Video CODEC is Native to Windows so they will play on every Windows Computer even if you have never installed any video players.)

To make them as small as possible, Most of the Movies are at 1/2 the original resolution and limited to 20 FPS. (The Video Play Guides and Longer Videos are about 1/3 the original resolution at 10 to 15 FPS.) Although you are seeing the movies at a lower resolution than I saw while playing they are still quite good. Of course, the quality of what you see will depend on which media player you have, the CODEC installed on your computer, and your settings for them.

NO AUDIO ISSUE:  In order to make all the different video formats that the games create work on the web, these videos were converted using PRISM. If you have NO Audio when playing these movies, NCH Software recommends installing the CODEC pack from free-codecs.com which seems to resolve the Audio Issues.