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This section deals with games that can be played with others on a Local Area Network. (Primarily the Descent series.) In these pages you will find descriptions, videos of play, and my Descent add-on Level Archives

   Descent 1

   Descent 2
   Descent 3

Network Games
Ray and I still play Multi-player Descent and would love to have you join us. To find out when we will play next or to arrange a game, either send me an E-Mail or an IM. (My YIM is on the home page of this website, and you will find a link to my E-Mail at the bottom of the Left sidebar of this page.)

What you need to play with us:
  • One of the following versions of Descent:
    • Descent - Retail Version, Not the Shareware.
    • Descent II - Original DOS Version (NOT Infinite Abyss or Vertigo editions; they will not network to each other.)
    • Descent III: Retail Version
  • The Add-on Levels from my Descent Collection for the version of Descent you wish to play. (Which can be downloaded (FREE!) from my descent pages, above.)
  • The Latest Version of DOSBox (Which is also FREE ... You can get it directly from http://dosbox.sourceforge.net)
DOSBox has IPX Emulation via TCP which lets you "Plug In" to our LAN directly. To Enable IPX in DOSBox you will need to edit the dosbox.conf file and change IPX to be TRUE. (Near the end of the config file.)