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Decades of Rock Radio Playlist

Radio has always fascinated me, at least the hardware aspect of it.  But becoming a live on-air DJ was probably the single most unlikely thing that could have happened to me. Naturally, being the least likely thing to happen, it did.

Most of my shows I have recorded while on-the-air. I have an archive of these recordings that you can listen to. ( Click here to access the archive)

Sadly, most of the recordings from before 2019 have been lost

Saturday 10PM to Midnight Pacific at the Yiff Hangout in Second Life
Sunday Noon to 3PM Eastern on WOGR ( ourgenerationradio.com)

Public Appearances
I have been known to broadcast while in the Second Life Virtual World, and I even do live shows from dance clubs.

I have a particular fondness for Rockabilly, Swing and Jump-Blues, but you can hear just about every sub-genre of Rock and Country on my shows. My complete playlist is viewable here on My website. (Click the PLAYLIST button in the top menu.)

How it Happened
Most of my Childhood was spent learning Music, an activity my Mother and Grandmother both supported and encouraged. At the age of 5 they arranged for me to study Accordion with Maestro Milton Mann at his music school. I also studied Piano with one of the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose, while attending Saint Catherine's Military Academy in Anaheim. It was while attending St. Catherines that I met Paul Newman (Local AM station DJ, not the actor) who was working part time at the school, and became interested in Radio. During the early/mid 70's I hung out with "Humble Harve" Miller and Charlie Tuna at KKDJ-FM in Los Angeles.

I came to Internet radio just after Christmas In 2005. I had met the wife of the owner of Club-69 Radio at a dance club, who encouraged me to apply to the station. It took Sandy (and MeowTuna) a lot of talking to convince me, but I did audition and was hired by the station. Club-69 Radio played at several clubs and most notably was the official radio station of Furnation. Club-69 Went off-the-air shortly after the original Furnation closed in Dec of 2009.

DJ Jitar's Re-Mixes
Like most DJ's I have re-mixed several songs over the years. Mostly as techno versions of popular songs. My Decades of Rock shows start with a techno re-mix of California Dreamin' which I call "I travel through time." The most popular of my re-mixes is Anita Ward's "Ring my Bell." You can hear these (and other) re-mixes on my shows on occasion.