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20-Jan-2022 :: Answer about Dance Videos
I got an e-Mail asking about Benji's dance videos which I will answer here for everyone. YES, the dance videos were recorded "Live" in second life and are Motion Capture, but not of me. The dancer you see most often in the videos is named Abram Wolf. While at a club in the second life virtual world, I mix the segments of the dance animations to create the dance that people see in-world. It's somewhat like DJ'ing a live mix, but using dance animations. I often record my camera angle, and pick out the best ones to put into my video section for everyone to enjoy.
13-Jan-2022 :: Archive Complete / NASA
The archive of my radio shows is finally complete. It took some extra time because once I got it all uploaded I realized how much disk storage it was taking up so I moved the actual mp3's to another of my servers that had more disk space available. In total it has 94 hours of recordings. Sadly only 2 shows from before 2019 survived.

It has been an interesting week for NASA. The James Webb Telescope was launched on christmas eve and this past weekend I have been monitoring the Mission Control Center while they un-folded the secondary mirror, primary mirror and aligned the mirrors. The Aames research center is running simulations of vibrations from the SLS rocket during an emergency abort sequance for Artemis on the super-computer.
04-Jan-2022 :: Show Archive Open
For those who have missed my radio and club shows, I have opened an online archive of the recordings of my shows. You can access the archive at http://bearclaw.rexx.com/~roko13/radio/ARCHIVE

Sadly it appears that only 2 recordings have survived from 2006 when I was on Club-69 Radio. During the last part of 2020 and early 2021 I was hosting a radio theatre on OGR, which was not recorded.

I will most likely be uploading the recordings for most of the week, so be sure to check the directory listings for new recordings.

Enjoy the shows!
01-Jan-2022 :: Happy Mew Year!
Yet again another Year is here already. I didn't really do anyhing for New Year's, although I have my shows this weekend. The first weekend of each month is 50's and Rockabilly. Should be fun.