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26-Nov-1012 :: Archive Update
I finally updated my radio show archive on my website. It includes all of my radio and club shows up to today. Enjoy!
25-Nov-2023 :: 60!
It does not seem possible that I am 60 years old today...

When I was much younger, I was convinced I would be dead by the age of 30. I am not sure where this idea came from, but I suspect it has to do with a near-death experiance when I was about 7 years old. (Which I actually do not have any memory of it whatsoever. I only know about it because of an old family friend/neighbor who told me about it. But it makes sense considering my life-long back and leg problems.) I was so convinced, that at 29 I drove myself into a frenzy and panic and nearly did die. My Dr at the time though put me on a very strong anti-anxiety medication.

But here I am. Sixty today. Half Cyborg because of all the implants. But still alive. Although I suspect part at least of the reason I am still alive is because God does not want to have to face me or answer my questions.

Well 3 heart-attacks, kidney failure and most of my toes amputated later, here I am.
21-Nov-2023 :: Trump
Donald Trump Worries me. I can not understand why people are supporting him. I have always been a Republican. I am for and support the Republic of the United States. Trump is not actually a Republican, he is a fascist. His stated goal is to overturn the United States Constitution and the rule of law in this country.

What really worries me is that the last time a fascist was in power was Adolph Hitler. It took a world war and cost the world many millions of lives to get the fascist out of power.

Heil Trump? No I think we should not. It wont be worth it.
18-Nov-2023 :: Rip-Off
Almost a year ago, I purchased Satisfactory on Steam. Now finding I have been ripped-off. I love building games and have been enjoying playing it, even to the extent that I downloaded the experiamental build and had been testing it. About a month ago the experiamental version started crashing on start-up. According to the forums, this was happening to a lot of people.

I had downgraded to the regular version to get it working again. Four days ago they pushed the broken experimental build into the regular play branch. Without it working.

I found out today that the problem is that they upgraded the engine which will not run unless you have a specific CPU that supports AVX1 extentions. Which my computer does not. Trying now to get them to refund my money since their software will never again run on my computer. I am also downloading a pirate copy of an older version via torrent. Since I have already paid for the game which dosent work, I do not feel any guilt about obtaing a pirate copy that does work.
10-Nov-2023 :: Jack
I Finally decided to take a chance and ordered my Friday food to be delivered from Jack in the Box. Well this time they delivered the Tacos but they were very disapointing. Jack in the box tacos usually have a very specific taste and texture. Very greesy which soaks into the shell and makes them great. But these were a real let-down. It seemed like they were making them to be like ones you can get at any two-bit taco stand. I dont think I will be ordering from Jack in the box anymore. The burger wasnt all that great either.
08-Nov-2023 :: Food Poisonig
The past couple of weeks I have gotten back onto my normal dialysis schedule. My new Medicare provider, United Health Plan has been providing taxi service to get me to and from dialysis. They have also bought for me One-A-Day Men's 50+ vitimins and Ensure nutrition shakes for after dialysis. It was going well and I was recovering from all the missed dialysis. Until this week.

Of course, every month I have to pay my rent. To avoid the extra fees for paying using a credit card, I go get the cash to pay it from one of the casino ATM's. And I usually go to the casino resturant, since I have to walk there anyway. They have a Steak and Eggs special which i often get.

Although this month the Steak didnt taste right. It has a kind of chalk texture. The Eggs didnt seem quite right either. I didnt end up finishing my breakfast. That was last Saturday Morning. By Saturday Evening I was starting to get very sick and had to run into the bathroom several times. And every little burp I could taste the eggs again and now they were starting to taste rotten. I missed dialysis on Monday as I didnt think I could be away from my bathroom too long. I have never had diarrhea this severe ever before. Every 15-20 mins cnd not just runny but wattery and like pressurized. I also missed dialysis today because of it. I finally got some Imodium this morning which seems to be helping.
08-Oct-2023 :: Disapointed
Tonight something reminded me of the American Pledge of Allegiance. When I was a boy, it was required to recite the pledge at the opening of every school day. We took it quite seriously. But were taught more then just the words, we were taught what they meant. I suppose heving been in a military academy for some of my early elementry schooling, I have have been taught a bit more then other students, not only about the pledge and it's meaning but about civics and citenship.

In this age of MAGA ane the Trump cult, most younger people do not understand that the United States is a Republic, and that the "Republican Party" is all about furthering the Republic of the United States. Not about one man.

That it hasn't been tought to the younger generations, is indeed a very sad disapointment to me.

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
29-Sep-2023 :: Disapointment
It is Friday. On Fridays (about half of the time) I order food to be delivered by DoorDash. Kind of my treat for managing to make it through the week and still be alive what with Dialysis and all.

Today I ended up ordering Jack in the Box. Jumbo Jack Combo, four tacos, and a cheese-cake. Ended up costing over $26 and ... Naturally, the tacos didn't arive. Which seems to happen a lot. I don't seem to have the problem of missing items with other orders through DoorDash. I can order McDonalds or Panda Express just fine.

Very Disapointing. I REAAlly wanted the tacos.
15-Sep-2023 :: STOP!
I wish people would stop talking about Mr.Rump. He is the biggest Equites Atrum (Horses ass) in the World. He is for some reason all over the news and youtube and I am really getting sick of him. He is already shown that he is a senile facsist. No one needs him anymore. His victim mentality has gotten boring. He is a criminal, and that is why the legal system is after him. I really can not understand how he has a cult of followers.

So just shut up about him. He isn't worth your time, and certainly not mine.
30-Aug-2023 :: Amazingly Stupid Spammers
It is absolutely amazing just how stupid the spammmers actually are. For months now they have been trying thousands of addresses each day on the Rexx mail server, hoping to get valid email addresses that they can spam. I have automated programs that scan the mail system log and lock them out with an "Access Denied" reject. Those who get insistant and keep trying get added to the system firewall.

Stupid idiots don't even realize that Rexx now has less than 20 active e-mail addresses. They aren't particularly common ones either. The odds that they will actually find a valid mail address is not likely.
28-Aug-2023 :: Mass Shootings
I clicked on the news tonight on YouTube, as I do pretty much every night. The first item was yet another mass shooting. CNN reports there have been over 400 mass shootings so far this year. This one, like so many was race motivated. People... this is 2023. We are supposed to be beyond this. I was not raised to hate anyone. It isn't something can understand.

Except perhaps fascists. I suppose that my Father and Step-Father having faught i WW1 against Hitlr and his fascist regime has a lot to do with that. Which is why last night I sent an E-Mail to the Nevada Secretary of State urging him to disqualify Donald Trump from the Presidential election next year, on the basis of the provision of article 3 of the 14th ammendment to the U.S. Constitution.

On a more peraonal note, I have been having considerable pain around my dialysis access port. I think it must have gotten pulled sometime Friday during my dialysis treatment.
23-Aug-2023 :: India
My congratulations go out to India. With today's soft landing of the Chandrayaan 3 unmanned spacecraft, India becomes the fourth country to land on the Earth's Moon.
20-Aug-2023 :: Mandella Effect 2 / Hurricane Hillary
Southern California had a Hurricane come ashore this Morning. The first one of hit the wesr coast in over 80 years. Well that is what the news and weather service say. But I remember one in 1977 or 1978. I remember watching the Blue and Green Lightning from my bedroom window. Hmmm...
15-Aug-2023 :: Idiots! (Spammers and Hackers)
For the past two months I have been working on trying to deal with the spammers, hackers and general idiots who have been working over my servers. I have locked out 670 spammers, 1276 e-mail harvesters, 1226 spammers who were on the SORBS black-hole list, 717 people tryping to break in to my mail servers and 108 people who just didnt get the message from the access denied messages and had to be firewalled.

Now I am also having to deal with people attacking my DNS servers and scanning my servers for ports they can try to exploit. And the script kiddies trying web server cgi scripts (Which dont work because they do not exist) to exploit.

The saddest scammer in the world this week showed up. No Richard my old sales manager I'm quite sure dosent want your spam e-mails and didnt opt-in to your mailing list .... He killed himself over 20 years ago. You didnt need to try 30 different email addresses to try to find him.

If only 5% os all the scammers and hackers actually paid me for an account I would be rich. Or at least not on Disability.

I have been running public DNS name servers for 30 years to benifit everyone online. Until today. I have ad to lock them down to only service the 2-3 customers I still have.
03-Aug-2023 :: Monthly report (Yawn)
Not all that much happened to me this past Month. Just kinda resting on the bottom all month. The spammers though are continuing to drive me batty. In the past month I have banned over 1100 e-mail harvesters, and some 700 trying to break in. Id I had only had one out of twenty of these as actual customers It might have been worth the effort.

Yesterday's dislysis really wiped me out, combined with a mild case of heat exaustion. (The RTC Paratransit bus that was my ride left me waiting over 30 mins in the heat.) So I have been milsly sick all day today.
10-July-2023 :: Hospital ER Visit
About 1130am I started getting very sick, and it continued getting worse. Abdominal cramps, diaherra, nausea, spitting up, severe backache. I figured it was because I have missed so much dialysis recently due to the transportation issue. About 330pm I had enough and called the paramedics. St.Mary's did all kinds of tests. lood, ekg, x-rays, even a cat scan. They finally determined that it wasnt a problem with my ,issed dialysis as I had feared. The doctor said he thought I had some kind of virus/
02-July-2023 :: Satisfactory Life Update
This past week I have been helping to Beta-Test the Game Satisfactory. Which means I get to play around with featuresand objects that are not yet available to the general public. If you would like to watch my live broadcast... there is a link on the main page of my website. <

I have been missing a lot of dialysis due to transportation issues. So far not enough to get sick but I think I am nearing the limit.
06-Jun-2023 :: Updates on Life
The transportation issues are contuning. I did manage to make it in for Dialysis yesterday and Monday. Although Monday did not work, they could not maintain pressure in the lines attaching me to the kidney machine. They sent me home early after placing medication into my access port to try to clear the blockage, Which worked. Yesterday worked fine although it was only a bit over 3 hours instead of the normal 4 hours. They keep delaying the start of the treatment and I must leave at 3pm to make sure I get home with the current transportation situation. I am currently waiting for the dialysis center insurance coordinator to get back to me.

In other news about me I am now beta-testing the experimental versions of Satisfactory for update 8. You can watch using the link on the main page. I have also been playing a lot of American Truck Simulator the past month. I have quite a few screenshots of interesting things, which I will be creating a page for so you can all see them.
11-June-2023 :: Radio Show Archive Updated
I have updated my radio show archive. You can access the archive with the link on the home page of this website.

Damn spammers are driving me nuts at the moment
06-Jun-2023 :: SPAMMERS!
I went through the logs of the Rexx mail servers and found a lot of bullshit. Spammers basically attacking the mail servers with address harvesters, and ones trying to break in with various authentication protocols. I have spent the past few days building counter-terrorist programs to automatically ban all of these. It is just increditble to me just how many of these attacks and attempts to gain access or break-in there have been.

In other news, the social worker at the Dialysis center is trying to find a method for Medicapd to pay for my transportation, now that access to healthcare is kaput. Fingers crossed!
01-June-2023 :: Transportation issues
This past month I have been having trouble getting transportation to and from my Dialysis treatments. I missed quite a few treatments last month because Access to Healthcare, the paratrasit service I have been using, has not been available. This week they informed me that due to the loss of their funding they do not have ANY drivers available for this entire month!

The only other reall transportation for those of us in wheelchairs is the county RTC Access service, which costs $3.00 each trip. Thats each way so one day trip to and from Dialysis will cost me $6.00

As I am currently on SSD/Disability it is impossible for me to do this three times a week. After paying my rent, I have very little money left to live on. I need the dialysis to stay alive though so this is a major delemma.
18-Apr-2023 :: Vision
I had a bizzarre experiance today. It has been my habbit for the past couple of years to take a nap in the early afternoon. I got into the habbit because of being on dialysis. I dont really watch TV so there is nothing to do while one the kidney machine, so I nap during the treatment.

I do not normally dream while sleeping or napping, or at least I don't usually remember them. Today though I did. I'm not exactly shure where I was or what I was doing in the dream but I remember comming into an area that seemed to me to be a cave with tall grass and there was a grey tabby cat. It wasnt one of the ones I have had or known. I reached down to pet the cat and it started to rub against me. Then it happened.

Suddenly I wasnt in the dream any more, but I think I was still asleep. I was lying on my bed and looked up to see my step-father hovering over me. I reached up my hand to shake his hand and suddenly poof! I was back in the dream with the cat in the cave. A few seconds later I woke up, startled by the experiance.

This vision is very confusing to me, as Mike and I never really got along well. I think he was affraid of intruding in on the memory of my real father but never realized that I never knew my real father. So we never really talked or did anything together. And he did something when he married my Mother that pissed me off, which I never forgave him for.

I'm not sure in the vision if he took my hand or not. But it is very disturbing to me becayse he died in 2010. I have been thinking about this vision all night. Maybe it means I am finally ready to forgive and forget but I can't halp wondering how real the experiance was...
07-Apr-2023 :: Everquest
Everquest and Everquest II finally made it onto Steam. They are free to play now so the downloads on steam are free. Although I have been a member since the beginning of 2002. The downloads are somewhat large so i expect to be installing most of the day today. I will finally be able to live broadcast in steam from both EQ1 and EQ2.

If anyone is interested in Joining me, I primarily play on the Drinal server in EQ1 and on the Skyfire server in EQ2.
14-Mar-2023 :: ROBBED!
This past Saturday My Room was robbed. I guess burgaralized would be more correct. As if my custom these days, I set my phone alarm for 2:30pm and took my afternoon nap. When the alarm went off, I got up, turned off the alarm then went to the restroom which is down the hall. (Its a very old building I live in. Built in 1901 as a hotel so it has shared restrooms.) I passed a young man in the hallway but didnt pay any real attention to him.

When I returned to my room about 3 or 4 mins later, I started playing a computer game. After about 20 mins I noticed I wasn't bumping into my phone which is normally right next to my mousepad. I looked around for it and moved the nightstand etc ... no phone. SHIT. Someone aparently came in to my room and stole it. I was about to head downstairs to see if our security guard was around and suddenly decided to check my dresser drawer where I keep my wallet. SHIT! He took my wallet too.

I went downstairs, no guard. Borrowed a phone and called the police. I returned to my room rather shaken, and checked my paypal account. The Thief had already use my Paypal linked mastercard at the Downtown Bus station for $32.50 ... The PayPal card is one of those RFID tap-to-pay cards that dosent require a PIN number. I immediately locked the card and started to figure out how to report my cards stolen without a phone.

The police eventually came and took a report. Early Sunday morning I figured out to use one of those web based free phone services and started calling all of my credit card companies. I cancelled and had replaced my PayPal card, and cancelled my EBT/Food Stamps card but I had to wait until monday to request a replacement. I couldnt reach Direct Express which is the Social security bank. I had my mobile phone disconnected and bought a replacement. (Which is supposed to arrive Wed/Thurs.

Monday I finally managed to reach Direct Express and have that card also cancelled and replaced. They told me he had tried the card several times with the wrong PIN# then aparenly called the automated system and changed the PIN#. Then he bought another bus pass for $32.50 and then spent $15 in a liquor store across from the bus station.

In my wallet was my Washoe county disabled ID for the bus system. What he bought at the bus station was 31-day disabled passes, meaning he is using my ID to ride the bus free. He also got my Medicare cards, and social security card.

What a nightmare. I'm almost out of food, and am out of smokes with no way to buy anything.
06-Mar-2023 :: HELP! I'm BLEEDING!
About 90 mins into my dialysis treatment today, I started to feel something wet on my left side. I reached down to try to feel what it was and my hand came back up covered in blood. I shouted for the tec/nurse. When they had made some adjustments to the connector for the tubing that hooks me up to the kidney machine, it hadn't been completely screwed on. There was blood everywhere. I lost about a pint of blood. Very Scary day. I had been getting short of breath and was a bit light headed at first, but seem to be okay otherwise. Going to take it easy for a few days though.
05-Mar-2023 :: Archive Update
I have updated my radio show archive with everything up to today's show.

I am really starting to hate my new mouse and headset. The cord of the headset is a bit too short so everytime I move it knocks over my drink, coffee, or ashtray. The new mouse is wireless and keeps refusing to link to it's little USB receiver. Grrrr. It also feels wierd not having the cable causing resistance to movement.
03-Mar-2023 :: Website Update
I have done a bit of work on the main index page of my personal website. There is now back-end scripting to check my online status in the Steam game platform. The Index/Home page now shows which game I am playing at the moment. If I am in a game the page will show a link to my Live Broadcast Stream so you can watch me playing in real-time. The IVAO Flight status banner now only displays if I am actually in Flight Simulator.
24-Feb-2023 :: Stranded
I had a bit of a scare today. When I was being driven to dialysis today a blizzard was starting here in Reno. We were slipping and sliding around. When I got out of dialysis I found a voice mail on my phone that ATH was going to close due to the weather, stranding me in south Reno. Eventually I managed to get RTC (The county bus system) to take me home. Normally they require at least 24 hours advance notice.
28-Jan-2023 :: Surgery / IVAO
The surgery to replace my Dialysis access port went okay. It was done Wednesday Aftenoon. I've been just taking it easy the past couple of days to recover. I had already told the club DJ manager that I wasnt expecting to do any shows this weekend.

I have been doing a lot in flight sim on IVAO the past couple of months. I am now up to the #2 top pilot in IVAO's North America division. https://xa.ivao.aero/web/#/pilotleaderboard
14-Jan-2023 :: New Show time /Surgery
My Saturday show, Live from the Yiff has changed times starting today. The new times are 8pm to 10pm Saturdays. You can come to the Yiff club in Second Life to see me live, or listen to the Simulcast on ourgenerationradio.com

My Dialysis access port is in the process of failing again. Ive had this one for over a year and a half. So I will be having surgery to replace it. Most Likely on the 25th of this month. Only a little dangerous, because they have to attach it near the heart.
05-Jan-2023 :: IVAO
Another Year is here already. I have only been making it to Dialysis about once per week due to problems with transportation. Partly because of the holidays. Getting a little worried about it though. Once in awhile to miss is okay but this has been every week.

With all of the extra time I have, I have been spending a lot of time flying on IVAO. I got suprised a couple of weeks ago to find I was on the top-10 leaderboard for the north american division of IVAO, in position #8. I have been steadily creeping up the list and as of this writing I am the #4 highest ranked pilot in the division. I know there are over 500,000 people on IVAO total based on the ID numbers. Not sure how meny are in the division, probbably aroun 60k to 80k... and I'm #4.. wow!

Doing a lot of the 2023 tours already.