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25-December-2019 :: Second Life
I spent christmas eve at the IYC club in second life.

I have actually been going to the club for the past couple of nights. I have been going in disguise though as I want to just socialize and enjoy myself, so I don't want them to ask me to DJ. (I know the SL info-hubs still have billboards with my picture so I'm pretty well recognized in SL as Jitar.)

I think I'd like to get back to DJ'ing in an SL club, but not just yet. I need a better internet connection anyway.
23-Dec-2019 :: Eye Surgery (Right Eye)
The surgery for the right eye had to be delayed a week, but was done this morning. The Left Eye is completely healed, which surprised the doctor as it usually takes a month. The left eye tests out at 20/20 and has a focus of 1 to 3 feet, exactly as planned. (I will need glasses for distance vision once they both heal.)
15-Dec-2019 :: New Logo
I spent some time last night working on a new logo for "DJ Jitar" ... I took about 20-30 screen shots in Second Life, trying to get just the right camera angle and changing clothes until I finally was happy with the shot. Then re-digitized it into a drawing... Here is the result:

02-Dec-2019 :: Eye Surgery (Left Eye)
After all these months of waiting, I finally had the first eye surgery this morning. I was a bit nervous going in, I will admit. The procedure to remove the cataracts destroys the lens at the front of they eye, so I now have an artificial lens implant in my left eye.

The Right eye still has cataracts, and will have surgery in two weeks. Comparing vision from one to the other, I am amazed that I wasn't running into walls, the cataracts were THAT bad. I really was pretty close to legally blind.
29-September-2019 :: More Toes
I went to wound care today, and they discovered that another toe had gone completely. They are sending me to the hospital.

They ended up having to remove all of the remaining toes on the right foot.

In total I was in the hospital 10 days this time. They have given me a wheel-chair to use for the next couple of months.
01-Sep-2019 :: My own Place
I have moved out of the HPN Group home and into my own place. It's just a tiny little room but it's all that I can afford. As it is it will take pretty much all of my SSI/Disability and it's the cheapest around. Without someone sharing expense, I'm not sure how long I will be able to keep it going.
10-Aug-2019 :: Wound Care
I finally got my appointment at Renown's Advanced wound care clinic to get my feet taken care of. The main wound is still tunneling across the top of the foot and is pretty deep. They are ordering a home-care nurse to come out to see me every week so I will have one wound care clinic visit and home care every week as well.
17-July-2019 :: Hospitalized with Sepsis
I had to have Walter (The group home house manager) call an ambulance this evening. I had the shakes/chills and was nauseated for several hours. They admitted me at Renown Hospital with Sepsis. (It is a risk with kidney failure patients.) Fortunatly this time was only three days in the hospital, they wanted to keep me longer but ... I have a life I'm trying to put back together and a Business to run.

They told me that the wound on my foot where Dr Duxbury had sliced it open was "tunneling" and did not look good. I have been waiting for an appointment to become available at Renown's advanced wound care which will be in two more weeks.
10-June-2019 :: SSI/SSA and Roomie
I have ben approved for Disability, and teh Social Security Administration agreed that I was disabled starting in September of last year when I was hospitalized. Well thats good news anyway.

Most of the people here at the Group home are great. However my immediate roomie has a tendency to use the F-word in every sentence, literally. It's quite annoying actually.
10-May-2019 :: Quacked Again
She Did it again. She sliced all the way through another callus and exposed the bone. This time near the big toe of the right foot. I've talked to Hauley (my HPN Coordinator) and arranged to start going to Renown Hospital and clinics instead of St.Mary's.
20-Apr-2019 :: QUACK!
Today at the St.Mary's wound care, Dr Duxbury was removing a callus from near the small toe on my left foot and sliced in too deep. She actually cut all the way to the bone. Fortunatly I have neuropothy so I didn't feel it. All the same, I'm not too pleased by this.
15-Apr-2019 :: Computer
My Friend Jon Alvord gave me a little computer. It's a little ittty-bitty thing and not very powerful, but I'm able to get back into my games and I'm setting up to go back on-the-air at OGR. (OMG I was SOOO Bored without a computer!)
10-Apr-2019 :: Group Home
HPN has moved me to a group home with other "complex care" patients. I have been on Dialysis Three days a week, and most of the other days of the week have doctor's appointments. A little too busy at times.

I have also retained a legal service to apply for disability / Social Security. I figure by going through a lawyer that it won't be refused.
02-Apr-2019 :: Cataracts
I had an optomitrist appointment today. He confirmed that I have cataracts and has referred me to an Eye surgeon, Dr Hiss. (No Kidding LOL)
20-Mar-2019 :: HPN House / Cataracts
HPN has moved me temporarily to a house they run for people right out of the hospital. A bit more then a group home but less than a nursing home. Kind of transitional between the two. Everyone has been wonderful.

Hauley brought a walker for me so I'm out of the Wheelchair that I was in at Lakeside. I still get tired easily though. She also arranged for RTC (Our Local Bus Service) to pick me up and take me to and from dialysis and doctor appointments. It is fortunate our transit system here in Reno also operates a paratransit service for the disabled/handycapped.
25-Feb-2019 :: Anna Missing / Group Home
Anna Disapeared. She stopped answering her phone, then either disconnected her Steam Account or changed her username. Then she disconnected her phone.

I suspect she got freaked out, thinking she was going to have to feed me baby-food and change diapers or something. (Not that it would be that, I just need help with grocery shopping and such, kinda hard to push a shopping cart and a walker at the same time.)

My time is up at the Nursing home, so HPN has arranged for me to move to an assisted living home for a month, then into one of their group homes. I have been doing physical therapy here at Lakeside but have a long way to go.
15-Jan-2019 :: Nursing Home
HPN is moving me from St Mary's hospital to a nursing home until I can get myself a place organized. They also arranged for me to be at an out-patient Dialysis center here in Reno. I will have to be on an artificial kidney machine for 4 hours a day, three days a week.

Hauley, my HPN worker finally managed to get an Obama-Phone for me.

I have been talking to my daughter Anna about us getting a place together. I'm going to need someone around in case I get sick again. Also splitting the rent would be a good idea since I'm now disabled.

I can't reach Dale. I know he had a new phone number, but the little piece of paper that had his new phone number didn't come with me from the hospital for some reason.