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27-Dec-2018 :: Another Toe
I got very sick again, and Dale had to call the Paramedics. I am back in the hospital, and they are going to amputate more toes. DAMN! This time it is the Big toe on the right foot and the second toe on the Left.

I've told Dale that he should keep Szorbet. It isnt really fair to keep moving him around.
19-Decenber-2018 :: Moved
I managed to find a place for Dale, Szorbet and I to stay. We are in the process of moving there now.
16-Dec-2019 :: Dale
I have run out of money so have to move out of the motel. I was heading up to leave Szorbet with Dale again but got very sick and had to be taken back to the hospital by the paramedics.

I have moved in with Dale for the time being, but he needs to leave the Ponderosa within the week as he no longer works for them.
02-Dec-2018 :: Escape!
Escaped from Hospital. Currently in a Motel since I was evicted from my place. (That happens when you can't pay the rent)

Dale brought Szorbet, my cat. But he dosen't seem to want anything to do with me. I think he is still mad at me for leaving him.
25-November-2019 :: Pizza
Today is my 55th birthday. I have been in the hospital for over 2 months now. Getting kind of tired of it. Most of the food is disgusting so I called in an order for pizza. (The doctor didn't like this but he allowed it.)
11-November-2018 :: Heart Attack
Dale came by and brought the remains of my belongings from the Ponderosa. I can't wait to get my computer setup! But I will have to wait because they are bringing up a kidney machine to my room. This will be the first time I will be consious while they do the dialysis.

I was talking to the tec while she was setting up the machine in my room, when I suddenly got very dizzy. I had just enough time to tell her "I'm really dizzy" when God turned off my power switch.

It was just like that too:

switch off.

Switch on.

As I came back "online" I was funbling to push away the person giving me chest compressions. That HURTS.

They are taking me to Intensive care for the next couple of days.
08-November-2018 :: Coma
Charles Manson was chasing me around an apartment building... I suddenly realized that was not possible and that I was dreaming, and woke up. I had aparently been in coma.

The first thing I heard was "Welcome Back, we didn't think we were ever going to see you again." from my Nurse. ... Not exactly what I wanted to hear.

They told me they had done the Biopsy of My kidneys on Holoween day. I have no memory of the whole day or going into surgery. Nor of the week before, or the week since.

They told me that when they did the surgery, they couldnt stop the bleeding and I "Coded" on the OR Table... My heart had stopped for several minuites.

I have a large purple wound on my back, and I also have tubes sticking out of my chest. (Which are aparently for Dialysis, which they have been doing.)
10-Oct-2018 :: Scheduled Biopsy
I am still in the hospital. They are planning to do a biopsy to determine what exactly is going on with my kidneys. I'm still all swolen and having problems breathing.

They are concerned about my blood platelet count, which is aparently very low. They are giving me blood to try to bring it up before the biopsy.
01-October-2018 :: Lost Toes
Surgery was today, they amputated the one toe but I aparently got into the hospital in time that the foot itsself is okay.
21-September-2018 :: Bad Toe
I noticed today that the middle toe (#3) on my right foot is turning black.

I asked Dale, the building maintaince man to take care of my cat, Szorbet. I went down to the building lobby and asked them to call an ambulance. I was taken to Saint Mary's Hospital here in Reno.

After a lot of tests and several blood draws in the ER, they told me I had a massive MERSA Infection. They believe I will loose my right foot. They have started me on several IV antibiotics which will take about 6 weeks.

I aparently have Kidney Failure (CKF) which is what is causing it all. They want to do a Biopsy but I am scared of it.

The Hospital Minister visited me and we chatted for a few minuites. The way he put it is "All the wheels fell off at once."
19-September-2018 :: Medical Problems
I seem to be having some medical problems. I have been swelling up very badly, which is getting very uncomfortable. the swelling is pressing down on me and making it difficult to breathe.
01-July-2018 :: Fired!
I was fired from my day-job yesterday. I had been working at a call center doing technical support for a VOiP phone company called 8x8. They had installed a new tracking system that was not working correctly. Unfortunatly my position put me in several depsrtments at once, and they used the wrong parameters for the QA score, so it dropped below the minimum level. They had also noticed that I was using the company computer for "Personal Use" as I had turned off my home internet to save money... I decided not to fight it anymore, I need the time off I think anyway.