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06-AUG-2010 :: Creeped-Out / Finger
I am totally creeped-out ... This morning I tried to go to bed at about 1am and could not sleep. My mind would just not shut off. It kept recalling events long forgotten from St Catherine's school. I got up several times to have a ciggarette, and Just past 5am I decided I had to get up and try once again to search for information about my biological father. Even before I typed his name into Google, I *KNEW* it would finally give me information about him, and that it would be his obituary. He died 13 days ago.

The Obituary had enough information I knew already to confirm who it was, as well as a lot of other information I never knew about him. (Including the names of my half-siblings.)

I thought about leaving a comment in the guest book, but decided against it. Save for the one uncle, I don't think these people know I exist and I have no wish to hurt them or tarnish their memory of their father... but I am really creeped out by it all.

FINGER NEWS: It's been two and a half weeks since my bicycle accedent. The left ring finger no longer feels like it's being cut off but is still a little sore, although I can type with it again now.
29-JUL-2010 :: Bicycle
I finally went off the deep end and bought a bicycle. I had been threatning to do it for some time, and Ray bought one about a month ago after hearing me talk about it.

For the record... the old saying about not forgetting how to ride a bicycle is aparently true. Even though it has been almost 40 years since I last rode one, I was able to. (Even if a little wobbly.)

I have also had my first crash (and injury.) I was trying to make a U-Turn on a dead-end street and misjudged the angle of the turn. I thought I was going to run into the bushes at the side of the street so was braced to push off from them when the bike went into the rain gutter and suddenly stopped. Of course you can't keep your balance on a bike when stopped, and I was braced the wrong way. I landed on my left side with the bike on top of me and ended up with a skinned shin and a badly sprained finger. (DAM that HURT!)

In other news, my daughter Anna has disapeared again. We were playing DDO when she litteraly disapeared. She had mentioned she was planning to move in with some friends in Long Beach (CA) which I wasnt too thrilled about ... which aparently she did.
04-MAY-2010 :: General Update
It has been a bit strange sleeping in an actual bed. Especially one with actual linens and everything. Thinking back, I don't think I have had a bed since I was at St.Catherines when I was 9 years old.

I have been working very hard on several things. Last month I programmed a whole new mail server for rexx.com from scratch.

But the better news is that I am working on a new scenery. This time for Aerosoft's City Bus Simulator. They released their sim with scenery for New York's M42 route. I am working on scenery for Los Angeles which should be done in about 3 months or so.
15-APR-2010 :: Bedroom
I did indeed deck out the other half of my bedroom this month, and had a couple of adventures doing so. This is really the first time I have "decorated" rather than just shoving in whatever was found at the goodwill thrift store cheap.

Not to say I didn't bargain hunt. In fact, my bargain hunting is what caused one of the adventures. Leave it alone to say I won't be shopping online at Walmart again.

So here is the bedroom I managed to put together for myself. (The desk is just off the left side of this picture.) The bed is a modern "platform bed" by south shore, the matress is from Ikea (and designed for a platform bed so it dosent need a foundation or box spring.) There is a feather-bed/matress pad and full sheets in addition to the matching comforter and curtains.

I had an interesting experiance with the matress too. Ikea shipped it via UPS by squishing it flat then rolling it up. It kind of caught me off guard when I punctured the plastic bag it was in and the thing started expanding. I found myself trying to get the plastic off it before it was damaged but I was laughing so hard because all I could think of was the 1950's "just add water" joke. I must have been quite a sight.
20-FEB-2010 :: Furniture
I finally found time to update my news pages; I have never been good at keeping a journal. Not that too much exciting has happened to me over the past several months.

Last week I decided it was finally time to work on getting furniture for the house, now that I have recovered a bit from moving and buying the house (and have my credit card mess somewhat under control.)

The first step HAD to be to move my personal computer out of my office. That was always the intention, to have a separate office/work area and bedroom/personal space. (I also wanted to be able to not have to keep disassembling my flight-sim controls to be able to work.)

After quite a few hours browsing online looking for everything I needed. The result was a Cyborg workstation:

I am planning to finish my bedroom next month (or perhaps in April, depending on my finances.) After that I want to get a new office desk, then do the dining room and kitchen. I haven't really decided exactly what to do with the living room or family room, but I have already picked out a bed frame and nightstands for my bedroom.

I guess I just want to FINALLY have a real home again. And I'm getting too old to sleep on the floor :|

WAMBLYVILLE NEWS: I have taken Wamblyville BBS offline, permanantly. No one was using it and it was just wasting electricity and my time.