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Jitar is my Online, and On-Air/Stage personality.

Before I get into the Origins and History I wanted to write a bit about the Why. It seems that a lot of people think I am weird because I have this "Extra" personality that I can put on. (There was quite a row that went on at one Radio Station I had just been hired at when the publicity picture I gave them was of "DJ Jitar" .. and they didn't want a "Cartoon")

It isn't really that strange or unusual. Many actors and performers have a separate stage persona that they put on for the camera or microphone. A persona that may have nothing at all to do with who they really are.

The example I like to use is Lucille Ball. While the camera was on, she was the lovable ditsy red-head everyone knew. But the moment the camera was off, the "I love Lucy" persona came off and she became "Mz Ball", the head of Desilu Studios.

I'm not possessed or demented and I don't have Multiple personality disorder or anything like that. I am very aware of reality. (Sometimes TOO much so) Jitar is just a mask I put on when on the radio, or in an online game. My real personality is still there, but it is hiding from the public world behind Jitar.