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The character of "Jitar" originated in the online game "EverQuest." He was the second character I created, and ended up being my primary character. I have always had an affinity for Cats, and the release of the Luclin Expansion for EQ came at the right time. I was tired of the problems with the Ultima Online Game and  the Idea that I could create a character in a cat based race was very appealing.

The name actually came about from EverQuest's random name generator. As I was creating the character, the server gave me several names which I didn't like. It did eventually give me one that sounded Okay but when I tried it, it had already been taken by someone else.. After re-arranging the letters a little I was rewarded with the name "Jitar" which the server accepted.

Since his creation in early 2002, the Jitar character has logged over 1,850 hours of play. (as of Dec 2008.) During that time the character developed not only in terms of game play statistics, but in personality.

Jitar was transfered to the Drinal Server when Tarew Marr server was merged to Drinal. He is Level 66, but has mostly retired since becoming a Vah-Shir Elder.

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Very shortly after entering the Second Life Virtual World, I found FurNation. It is a place within SL populated by people who have anthropomorphic avatars. (Those like Jitar, which are an animal of some sort which can walk and talk in human form.)

Although he originally retained most of his EQ personality, Jitar went through a bit of modernization in the translation to Second Life. He now wears glasses, and smokes a cigar (which he is rarely seen without.)

Jitar has always dressed well. After all ... Cats, and especially Siamese Cats are very particular about grooming. In this incarnation he normally wears a suit. He doesn't over-do the jewelery but does wear some, and since becoming a radio DJ has on occasion dressed the part. (But always tastefully.)

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In Late 2019/Early 2020 Jitar was updated in Second Life. With the introduction of modeled meshes several years ago, Luskwood updated their cat avatar model.

The Avatar now has several scripts which control twitching of the ears and whiskers, and blinking of the eyes. His tail is now hangs more naturally and also randomly twitches. When I am "speaking" (either in voice chat or typing in-world) his jaw opens and closes.

I also updated his wardrobe to the newer mesh based clothing. Wearing either a suit, or Tux, He is still one of the best dressed avatars in Second Life.