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Over the years, I have known a number of interesting people.... A few I have called Friend. Several have Passed on from this world ... and deserve at least a mention in my Pages

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Desi Arnez [1917 - 1986]
Desi Arnaz Picture Desi was my "Down the Road Neighbor" when I was growing up in Norco. His Ranch was out on Hamner / Millikin Road, across from the River Stables where I rode. (Although very few people knew he was there.) My Mother and I met him when we stopped to investigate a "Horse for Sale" sign. I sometimes visited when Riding and he was quick to give me encouragement while I was learning to Ride. (We did not buy the horse from him BTW)
Paul Edwin Zimmer [1943 - 1997]
I met Paul on several occasions due to my involvement with the production of Science Fiction Conventions in the 1980's. Over time we became friends and often he stayed and talked while I was working the Graveyard Shift at those conventions.  Paul was kind enough to allow my family and I to live with him for several months at a time when I really needed to reset and put my head on straight. "Granny Zimmer" (Paul and Marrion's Mother) is the official alternate Grandmother to my Daughter, Anna.
Al Lewis [1923 - 2006]
Al Lewis worked in burlesque and vaudeville theaters during his early years in show business, but was most famous as "Grandpa" in the Munsters TV Series. I met him by accedent in 1978 or 1979 at a lunch counter that was located in a Thrifty Drug-store in Van Nuys CA, which was next to the Radio Shack where I spent a lot of time playing around with the computers.

Frank Gasperik [1942 - 2007]
Frank was known mainly as the template for a number of literary characters in books by the writing team of Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. (As Mark Czescu in Lucifer's Hammer, as Harry Reddington aka Hairy Red in Footfall, and in Fallen Angels.) Frank was also Pournelle's editorial assistant for his Byte Column.

Although I remember him for his 12-String Guitar which he was quite gifted with. (His songs and poems have appeared in several books.)

Frank was my Father-in-Law. (He Married My Wife Lucy's Mother Peggy in 2004. I had actually met Frank some years before, just after Lucy and I were married. (Somehow he ended up at my house serenading Peggy (who was living with us) after a convention.)

Nephi Roland Hendrick [1953 - 2009]
Nephi was a moderately well-known artist. Known primarily for being a Gay Morman Artist, he was also known for inventing what is now known as the "Nephi Style" which from what my understanding was very large murals which changed depending on the angle which one viewed it.

I knew Nephi from working at an answering service during the 1990's. He showed me some of his portfolio one evening and one pencil sketch stood out to me. He had been commissioned to paint a picture of a young boy (about 6 years old) by his mother, in the traditional bear-skin rug pose. But the boy was so shy that once undressed he hid behind the couch and refused to come out. So Nephi sketched him that way. The little boy peeking out his head and hands from behind the couch was just so cute. One other thing that stands out in my memory is that every single day for almost 10 years he had a tuna sandwitch for lunch. (Strange memory, I know, but there it is.)

Ara Sevanian [1916 - 2011]
Ara Sevanian was an armenian composer whose works have been performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, among others. He played the Qanun (or Kanon) which is a type of middle-eastern harp.

Ara owned a small hamburger stand in Van Nuys in the late 70's near where I lived, which I frequented as an early teen. Upon learning that I was Hungarian and his knowing of the Cimbalom (A Hungarian Harp) and finding that I had been studing music, we became somewhat friends with our shared love of music. Ara actually indulged me in an attempt to start a record company by allowing me to publish an album of his works. The only good thing that came of it was I was able to produce a number of 8-track tapes of his music that he sold from his hamburger stand.

Fred "FREAK" Snith [1962 - 2017]
FREAK was the Guitarist in several bands including Beefeater, Blaxmyth, American Corpse Flower and most famously the Punk-Goth band Strange Boutique. He was considered a pioneer in Black Punk-Rock and became famous in the Washington DC area while with Strange Boutique. FREAK and I worked together for several years in West Hollywood CA during the late '90s. I premiered the songs from Blaxmyth on my radio shows and promoted the band, while cheering them on during the national contest they were involved with.

In late 2017 he was found in a park, stabbed to death. His killer has never been found.