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To be Fair, Second Life isn't a Game. It is an online virtual world and community that allows users to create avatars and interact with each other. If that dosen't make sense to you, check out the Steven Speilberg film Ready Player One

To experiance Second Life you really only need a basic computer. Basic membership to Second Life is FREE. You can download the viewer client and setup an account at www.secondlife.com

Over the years, I have developed three avatars. Which I use depends on what mood I am in... And let me be clear, I am NOT a psychotic with multiple personalities. As Kurrel the Raven said, "We are people playing pretend, that's all it is in the end."

In Second Life I am a skilled Builder, Architect, and Scripter. I am also skilled at crerating custom avatars. And ... I'm Furry! (If you don't understand what a Furry is, Google it!)

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Jitar Bunin


In Second Life Jitar is my more formal and serious self. He likes to dress well (As one would expect of a Siamese Cat Furry.) He owns an apartment building in the sim of Yosu, where the Atomic Radio theatre is located. Jitar is also my on-the-air radio persona. He has appeared as a DJ on both Second Life Radio (Club 69) and during Live shows in SL, and in Real-World Radio ( Our Generation Radio) Like me, he smokes cigars. He also wears the glasses I used to before I had eye surgery.
Community Groups include Furnation, Luskwood and the CasperTec Help Group

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Benji Le Tigré


Benji is more my more physically active self. He's also the more beatnick / cyber-punk and wild part of me. He loves to Dance, Surf, Sail, and is involved in Competition Kung-Fu.

Like most of my in-game personas, he has a specific look that makes him recognizable even from a distance. He does not wear a shirt or jacket, but does wear pants with suspenders (hanging down style.) He wears a spiked black leather collar and fingerless, spiked black leather gloves.

Benji is the avatar that more often gets involved in community activities and events.
Community Groups include Tigers of SL, IYC, Luskwood Events,
Furnation, and the Official SL Events Group.

If you want to see Benji in action, check the VIDEOS section in the left-side menu

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There are just some things we do in Second Life that are more ... well, Childish. Carnivals, Rides, Arcades, Roller-skating and generally getting into trouble. Sometimes Mord will "play dress-up" then run around the Victorian sims as a street kid. He can also be seen as an Ubese in Star Wars Sims. In general, more my silly and playful side.

Community Groups include SL Children, Steampunk Kids, and Fireside Beach.