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It took Ray about six months to convince me to try this game he had found, Ultima Online. He ended up buying the software for me and showing me around. Somehow though, I ended up far more involved in it than he did.

The First Character I created for Ultima Online was named Barthew Vols. He ended up being the Primary Tradeskill character. He was a Miner, a Grandmaster Blacksmith, and a Grandmaster Tinker.

Mordecai was intended from the beginning to be a warrior, and ended up being my Primary Character. Most of the people on Sonoma shard knew me by this character. He was Knighted as the "Knight of Valor" in the Order of Tendai Guild, and eventually became the OTE Paladin Commander.  He was given a swamp dragon by a Guild Tamer, which Barthew made  barding (Armour for a Mount) in metal of Valorite; and named him "Ryo."

Porthos was my attempt to make a Treasure Hunter for UO. I did though make fun of his literary namesake by engaging in Piracy. In fact he stole so many ships that the Game Masters eventually put up warning signs in the places I frequently took the ships from. When a ship was stolen by Porthos, he left behind a book with an apropos poem for the owner of the ship. In addition to locksmithing and cartography, he was a Grandmaster in the use of Poisons.

Ray and I had set out to build a house together on Sonoma. The problem was that at the time there were no places left to build. Eventually we did manage to find a spot just south of the Yew Moongate where we built a small stone tower. The trouble was that it was in the FEL facet. (For those who don't know UO, each shard was originally split into two duplicates, Trammel and Feluca. The two facets had different rule sets, with FEL having a Player-vs-Player ability... you could be attacked by other players in FEL but not in TRAM)

I did eventually manage to buy a log cabin from someone in the OTE guild who was leaving the game. It was located in the valley north of Britain, near the shrine of Chaos. There was a reaper that would on occasion spawn near the front of the house and the occasional gargoyle that people would lead from further in the valley.

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The Order of Tendai (OTE)

A few months after I started playing UO, I met several of the members of the OTE. We talked for a bit as I tried to find out what it was all about, and eventually I was invited to go on a hunt with them.

That hunt turned out to be a real eye opener, as OTE's Paladin sub-order had developed a very special melee combat technique. One which allowed them to magnify their abilities massively. As I talked with them I learned more about the guild, and that the main purpose of the guild was to help new players. It had originally started in the early days of UO before the Trammel rule set when new players needed protection from the rampant "Player Killer" types. (There was actually a complete back-story about the Guild originating from an order of Monks, but I wont go into that here.)

Liking the sound of all of this, I did apply for entry in the Guild and was accepted.  I started out as the Squire to the Guild Knight of Valor (who was the person I had originally met, as it turned out.) Over the next year I attended the weekly hunts and also during the week participated as much as I possibly could.

Over time I myself became the Knight of Valor and lead others on the hunts, and eventually became commander of the Guild's Order of Paladins.

Alas, As there always is, there was a snake in the grass. And I of course I wasn't watching where I was going and stepped right on it. The Guild started to come apart due to internal politics. As the Guild was disintegrating the Guild master decided to bail out and somehow I ended up in that post. Apparently mad that her plans to take over had been foiled, the person who started the whole mess broke the guild apart and took many of the members to start a new guild. Totally disgusted at what had happened, I also left. But I never forgot.

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UOX (My Private Shard)

Ray and I briefly played with setting up a private shard using a UO emulator called UOX. However We were not trying to duplicate Ultima Online exactly. Instead we were using the basic UO game engine but with our own map and parameters.

I actually managed to get the server online and the basic terrain built but that is about as far as it got. (Like many of our projects, Ray quickly lost interest and I couldn't manage such an enormous project all by myself.)

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Medieval Dreams Shard (Current UO)

About the middle of 2008, Ray had found a private shard called Medieval Dreams and had started playing UO again. Naturally, he invited me along.

I have a house on the shard, which is on the Edge of the city of Vesper. I have vendors at the house which sell kegs of potions and spell books.