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You can Track my Flight Simulator Flights LIVE using Google Earth. All you need to do is add a new network link to the tracking data on my website in GE. The Link for my tracking data is:


The link is updated every 60 seconds while I am in flight.

My position is shown as an aircraft icon and will display my Altitude and Ground Speed. If I have a Flight Plan, it will be shown on the map. Clicking on the icon for my aircraft will show you information about the aircraft I am flying, and a picture of it.

To Locate my aircraft, you can double click on the link in the sidebar of GE. (Most often I can also be found at Zamperini Field in Torrance California. That is my "Home Base" in Flight Simulator, and where my aircraft are parked.)

Icons used on the Map
Aircraft Icon 1
My Current Location - Updated every 60 seconds.
The tag next to the aircraft icon shows My current call sign (Which Aircraft I am using), My Altitude (Feet above sea level, or if above QNH as Flight Level (which is x100 Feet (FL180 = 18,000 feet) and My Ground speed. The (Yellow) Line in front of my aircraft is a prediction of my course for the next 60 seconds
Aircraft Icon 2
Other Aircraft - Only IVAO aircraft within 25 nm of me are shown.
Airport Icon
An Airport. (Only those in my current Flight Plan are shown)
VOR Icon
A VOR Transmitter [Radio Navigation Beacon] that I am using to navigate with. (For Detailed description see "VHF Omnidirectional Range" in Wikipedia)
NDB Icon
An NDB [Radio Navigation Beacon] that I am using to navigate with. (For Detailed description see "Non Directional Beacon" in Wikipedia)

The Orange Line shows the path of My Flight Plan.

The White Line shows the path I have recently flown.

For anyone interested in how this is done: I use an add-on in flight simulator called FSEarth which outputs the files needed for Google Earth. A Program I wrote called FTPCOPY is used to post the data onto my website. (The FTPCOPY Program is available as shareware on this website, see the MISC page of My Software.)