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There is a word in Hungarian which describes my relationship with Ray. The word "Pal" originally meant a person who was much closer than a friend, one you considered a brother even though not actually related. That does indeed describe the relationship I have with Him. I am, in fact, much closer to Ray than I ever was with my Half and Step brothers.

Raymond WrightWe have lived together for most of our adult lives, with about the only exceptions being during our marriages. Our home life is just about what you would expect from two adult brothers sharing a house. We do on rare occasion get one one another's nerves but that does not last long, and we mostly have a good time. In April of 2008 Ray and I bought a Mobile Home in Reno together.

Ray and I have shared a lot of experiences and Adventures together, some of them bizarre. From the Crazed Veterinarian who opened a locked door with the wrong key, to the near purchase of a surplus government mainframe computer. (Which we were going to try to convince the landlady it was a refrigerator.)

Together we enjoyed Hiking, Camping, Orienteering, Geo-Caching and flying.

Ray enjoyed taking his resonant-harp to the park along the Truckee River, where he would play. (The Geese and Ducks in the park would settle around him, and listen to his music.)

Ray Died on 16-Sep-2011. Although this was the same day as the Reno Air Show Crash, he died from injuries from a fall while hiking to the Reno Hot-Air Baloon Race. He was creamated and his ashes were cast upon the Truckee River