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Flight Simulators have been one of my favorite pastimes for nearly 30 years. I started in 1980 with the original BAO/subLogic Flight Simulator for the TRS-80. (Picture at Right) I have followed most of the upgrades since BAO sold the rights to Microsoft. I currently fly FS-X. I Consider myself an expert pilot (at least in FS) and prefer IFR flight.

In the summer of 1982 I did take flight school at Zamperini Field in Torrance (which I also still use as my FS "Home Base") and earned a private pilot license. However I was unable to keep up with the requirements (and expenses) due to my personal situations at the time.

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Virtual Airlines
For about a year, I was a pilot for a Virtual Airline, Pacific West. It was an interesting experience and with them I flew to places I would not normally have gone. (My Callsign, for anyone interested, was PWA5066)

At the height of FS98 and FS2000 there were several network systems for Flight Sim enthusiasts. I was heavily involved in SATCO and VATSIM (and later the International Virtual Aviation Organization.) For each of these I was an Air Traffic Controller, usually in the Los Angeles Sector. (As well as Piloting on those networks)

For both SATCO and IVAO I was the creator of the radar sector files for the Los Angeles ARTCC (and in many cases for the major airports) which are still in use today.

I Followed Erwin Lion from SATCO to the International Virtual Aviation Orginization after SATCO self destructed. (Although not right away.)

I helped start the USA Division (specifically the Los Angeles ARTCC) and hosted and maintained the US/FSD server on rexx.com for IVAO. (For this, I recieved the Spirit of IVAO award.)

IVAO Pilot Awards
Flight Captain
IFR World Tours (2002)
VFR World Tour RibbonVFR World Tours (2009)
Controller Class 1
Squawk Box Certification
IVAO General Awards
Spirit of IVAO
500 Online Hour Award (2002)

IVAO Today:
I was absent from IVAO for a number of years, but am currently active. In late 2008/Early 2009 I flew the IVAO VFR world tour. I am currently flying the Formula-1 Grand Prix World Tour (Every Tuesday Morning.)

There are several aircraft that I fly on a regular basis. As a General Rule, I prefer Single Engine General Aviation Aircraft such as the Cessna or Mooney. I do on occasion fly Jets and am quite fond of float planes. You can often find me on IVAO flying these aircraft.

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N1313S   (USA Registry)
Home Airport: KTOA, Zamperini Field, Torrance CA USA

2006 Mooney Bravo (ICAO Type M20M/L)
Painted in Blue and Mango on White

Engine: 6 Cyl Textron Lycomming T10 Series, 270 HP
Propeller: Three-Blade McCauley Constant Speed, Variable Pitch
Wing Span: 36 Feet
Service Ceiling: 25,000 Feet MSL

Collins Radar Altimeter
Extended Range Fuel Tanks (102 US Gallons Usable)

N1313S - Mooney Bravo

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N418Y   (USA Registry)
Home Airport: KTOA, Zamperini Field, Torrance CA USA

1960 Howard Model 500 (ICAO ID L37) Serial Nº 005
CARGO Configuration with Phillippi Equipment Company
Engines: Two Pratt & Whitney R-2800 , 2,500 hp (each)
Propellers: Hamilton Standard 11-Feet
Wingspan: 72 Feet
Range: 2500 Miles+
Service Ceiling: 25,000 Feet MSL

In the early 1960's the Real-Life Howard Nº005 was owned by Chicago Gas and Pipeline. It was later owned by Southwest Forrest Industries. In the 1970's the Howard 500 went to Florida and Tenessee where it was said to have been owned by Elvis Presley. After that it was sold to a drilling company in California and then parked in Nevada for several years.


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F-OHNO   (French Registry)
Home Airport: NTFA, Fantatau Island, French Polynesia

1980 Cessna Stationair 6 II (Model U206G), With Amphibian Float Kit
Painted in Tan and Brown Stripe over Grey (Metal)
Engine: Contenential IO-520-F, 300 HP
Propeller: 3 Blade Hartzell "Scimitar"
Wingspan: 35 Feet 11 Inches (10.9 meters)
Range: 720 nm
Service Ceiling: 17,000 Feet MSL


Over the decades, a lot of features have been added to Flight Simulator by Microsoft. One of the best recent developments was the "Virtual Cockpit." Instead of a flat pasted on "panel," the entire INTERIOR of the aircraft is also modeled in full 3D. One which you can completely look around in and interact with all of the aircraft controls.

I tend to re-arrange some of the instrumentation. I prefer the HSI, VSI and SALS on the upper row (so I can see them easily during approach and landing without having to change the view angle.)

Below is the cockpit from F-OHNO. (Click the picture to open it larger.)

Cockpit of F-OHNO

I have some computer hardware that is specific to flight-sim. I am hoping to build an actual cockpit for FS, and have been slowly buying hardware for it.

Saitek Pro-Flight Yoke and Throttle quad.

HP Premium Digital Headset. (Used to talk to the IVAO Air Traffic Controllers while in flight)