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8ACOLONY San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railroad Bodie and Benton Railroad

Asteroid Colony #8 was a Descent-1 level I designed and created for Interplay's Level Building Contest in 1995. Although I did not win the contest, I did grab a runner up position which earned me a copy of their latest game release.

It is my understanding that the level was included in the "Descent: Levels of the World" add-on/expansion along with the other winners of the contest. (Although I never purchased the expansion, and in fact never saw it on-sale.)

At one time I had a website for the level that had some of the design specs, an interactive map of the colony, and hints for those playing it. The website though has long since been lost.

ScreenshotThere were a number of unique features included, and the level became known for it's secrets and secret areas. One of the features which allowed it to be played well in LAN/Multi-player mode was by including a number of extra doors that opened in LAN play to prevent a player from being trapped easily. As far as I know it was the only level ever designed with "Children" included as part of the station personnel. (See Picture)

Add-On Level "Asteroid Colony #8" for Descent 1
54 KB

Install Instructions: Unzip the archive into your Descent 2 MISSIONS folder.

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