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This part of my Family tree is little complex... and a lot bizarre.

Casimir (Charles) Borowski - Legal Father
My "Legal" father was Charles Borowski. This is the man my mother was married to when I was born, so I have his name. I have never met him and know almost nothing about him. My Mother did have a picture of him at one time, which I have long since lost.

The only thing I know about him was a story my mother told me about how they met. Apparently her father and his were both Moonshiners and/or Moonshine runners.
Lee Howington - Biological Father
After my Mother died in 1983, her sister Mary sent me a letter and disclosed some startling facts about what my Mother couldn't bring herself to tell me. Marg had actually left Charles quite long before and that my actual father was a man Marg had met at work named Lee Howington. Their Mother had moved to California to help take care of  my mother, who had "Got in Trouble" as the saying goes.

I did manage to get Rockwell's personnel department to give me some information in about 1989.  Through that I managed to track down an Uncle, who was living in Garden Grove CA. I did have a brief phone conversation with him and found out he was aware that his brother had a "relationship" at that time and that a child resulted. I was told that Lee had apparently gone to Chicago some years before and had not been heard from recently. [I found out recently that this was aparently a Lie.] Also unfortunately I never managed to contact the uncle again as my personal circumstances were somewhat wild and in upheaval.

There is one sort of "Wierd Tale" to be told here... I dont exactly remember when it was, either Thanksgiving or Christmas ... but it was the holiday season when I was about 6 or 7 years old. A Man who was apparently a close friend of my Mother from work and his wife came over to visit, I think probably for the holiday dinner. I remember all of the adults were sitting around the living room and I had just entered from the Dining room ... when an Epiphany struck me ....  That the man was my father and that his wife either didn't know or had just found out. I'm not sure why I knew, but I did. (Perhaps it was something being said when I entered the room.) All I remember is standing there behind someone's chair looking right at his wife suddenly knowing this. I didn't think about it again until I got Aunt Mary's letter years later.

Miguel (Mike) Gonzalez - Step-Father
When I was nearly 13, my mother met Miguel Gonzalez who also worked with her at Rockwell. They married, and bought a house together in Cerritos California.

Mike never understood why our relationship was so severely strained. He believed that it was simply a case of my being jealous of "another man" stepping into my mother's life and pushing me out as the "man of the house."  Well, thats a lot of child-psychology bullshit... The Reality was that He had lied to me about something that was very important to me , and I was never able to trust him after that. That happened on their wedding day, and even now some 30 years later I still haven't forgiven him.

Mike had several children from his previous marriage. Three of his children lived with us during the time Mike and Marg were together. Steven is (I think) 3 years older than I. Lupe is near my age, and Mario is about 3 years younger than I. His other Children I did not really know well.

Although their relationship lasted until her Death, they realized after about a year and a half that the two families could not live under the same roof. This MIGHT have had something to do with me trying to kill Lupe. (Don't look so surprised. I am, after all, descended from Huns. Fortunately It takes a lot to get me so totally enraged... it only happened this one time.)