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Bill Crawford (the publisher) introduced me to my wife Lucy at one of his Fantasy Faire Conventions in the early 1980's. Although it is possible we met prior to that as Lucy remembered seeing me at a Convention in about 1977 (when I was about 13!)

Lucy went by the nickname of "Luke" (because her maiden name was Skywalker) although I very rarely called her that.

Lucy's Father was named Swift-Stallion Skywalker, although he was better known by his stage name John Ryan (Which he legally changed his name to.)  He worked as a Hollywood stunt man, and was a regular in the western films of the time. (I understand from what Lucy told me that  He did several films with Ronald Regan, and appeared as himself in "It's a Mad Mad Mad World.")

Lucy's mother Peggy Lived with us briefly around the time Lucy and I got married. She had just left her 2nd husband, John Corrigan. It was about that time that she met Frank Gasperik, who she eventually married. Peggy passed on just a few weeks before Lucy. Frank Passed in Early 2007. Lucy and I ran into John Corrigan a few years later living in Hollywood, but quickly lost track of him.

Lucy had a brother, named Buck; and Two Sisters. I only met Lucy's youngest sister once and very briefly... and do not remember her name. Her other sister was named Nancy. Nancy was married to a locksmith named Roach and they lived in Corona CA.

Lucy had two children from previous relationships. With her first husband she had a daughter named Angela, who was adopted by Lucy's sister Nancy. (Nancy was unable to have children, and apparently the State did not like the way or conditions Angela was being raised in, so the adoption was arranged.) Lucy also had a son after her first husband, who she placed for adoption before he was even born. (I understand the family that adopted him lived in Texas, but we knew nothing about him.)

Not Long after I met Lucy, she married Darryl Smith. (Who later changed his name to Darius Bruce White-Smith.) It did not last long though as Darryl's mother was opposed to the marriage, and convinced him to "Get Rid" of Lucy. In November of 1982 he bowed to the pressure from his mother and told Lucy to pack everything up, and brought her to me. (Actually he dumped her off at my OLD house, not knowing my mother and I had moved.) [We last saw Darryl in 89 or so, he had just gotten married and had a new baby. But we lost track of him after that. I seem to remember he was moving to San Jose or someplace thereabout. ]

I proposed to Lucy suddenly one day; I remember we were having Chinese Fast Food in the Food Court at DelAmo Mall in Torrance and I just blurted it out. We were originally planning to wed in I think June or July, however my mother became quite Ill and passed away in April. Lucy and I decided to have our wedding on my mother's birthday, September 9th.

Just before our 2nd Anaversery, our Daughter Anna was born. It didn't come at the best time (but I'm told that Children rarely do.) I was still not fully recovered from the death of my Mother, and was not doing a good job at making a life for us.

After 9 years of marriage, Lucy and I separated; Although we never Divorced. I stayed somewhat in contact but felt that it would be best to keep my distance both to avoid arguments and I did not want Lucy to feel I was interfering with her life or raising of Anna. (On Hindsight, I wish I had ignored my feelings and knowledge of Lucy's past and been more involved.)

Lucy passed away in the early morning hours of Thanksgiving Day 2006. She had been hospitalized the prior week with Pneumonia and had been released. After several days she began to complain that she could not breath again and returned to the Hospital. She Collapsed in the Emergency Room and could not be revived.... I am thankful though for one thing, that during her first hospital stay  I managed to have a long phone conversation with her and managed to tell her how I still felt for her.