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Tippy Picture
Tippy passed away in the morning on March 4th 2017. He was about 15 years old. (About 76 in cat years, using the modern method of calculating.)

Tippy is about 6 years old (as of the end of 2008.) He had originally belonged to Ray's sister. When Sue suddenly decided to to get married, she left behind both  Ray and Tippy. (And I took them both in.)

Although originally sold to Sue by the local pet store as a Siamese, he is actually a Tonkinese. His markings are somewhat Siamese in that he has the "points" but his face mask is more striped and his back has become very dark grayish-black as he has gotten older. (Showing the Burmese origin of his breed.) His eyes are a pale aqua which is typical of a Tonk, and they are slightly crossed. His Voice is surprisingly high pitched for a male cat, more of a squeak than a real Meow. When he is nervous or scared he has a strange kind of high pitched growl very reminiscent of a 1960's Sci-Fi Movie Ray Gun.

He isn't all that graceful of a cat and I sometimes wonder if Sue named him Tippy because of his Siamese-like points, or because he "Tippys things over." (He's the only cat I have ever known who is totally unaware of where his tail is or what it is knocking over or hitting.) He has always been a bit Jumpy, although in the past year not as much. (He now only looks at every little noise instead of jumping 3 feet in the air as he did when he first came to me.)

Tippy is the most affectionate of my current cats and craves a lot of attention. He likes to face nuzzle with me and is the only one that rubs around my ankles every time I go in the kitchen. He also will jump up on counters and shelves to get petted. If he doesn't think you have petted him long enough, he will try to grab your hand back for more petting.

Tippy has not been much of a "Lap Cat," Although recently he has been wanting up on my lap while I am working but doesn't stay long. He likes his sides and tummy to be rubbed. He does not care much for his face or head to be brushed,  but loves being brushed just behind his ears. His favorite nap spots are at the back of the office and at the back wall of the dining room (under the window.) He also likes to perch on the back of my office chair. He normally sleeps either on my office chair or near my feet, although I have on occasion found him sleeping ON me. (He and Ping Take Turns.) Tippy prefers dry food, but he does like to lick the gravy from the canned foods. (But he wont eat the meat.) He will take cat treats when they are offered but only one or two. (Unlike Alaranth who will eat as many as she can get from you, then steal from the others.) Tippy is also the most playful of the cats, and plays with most of the cat toys we have.

Tippy is infatuated with Alaranth and follows her around (when he isn't following me around like a puppy-dog.) He keeps trying to make friends with Ping, but she wont have anything to do with him.