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Decades of Rock Radio Playlist

DJ Jitar's Playlist

When I am on-the-air you can request a song from this playlist by clicking the REQUEST button next to the song you wish to hear. You can request up to 3 songs per day.

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Artist Title Request
N. A. StephensonBoogie Woogie Country Girl
N.P.G.Black M.F. In The House
N.P.G.Call The Law
N.P.G.Deuce & A Quarter
N.P.G.Goldie's Parade
N.P.G.Goldnigga Pt. 1
N.P.G.Goldnigga Pt. 2
N.P.G.Goldnigga Pt. 3
N.P.G.Guess Who's Knockin'
NSYNCBye Bye Bye
Narvel FeltsCry, Baby, Cry
Nathan LaneHakuna Matata
Neil CicieregaTiger
Nelly FurtadoSay It Right
Nena99 Red Baloons (English Version)
Nena99 Luftballons (Original German Version)
New Kids On The BlockYou Got It (The Right Stuff)
New Power GenerationBig Fun
New Power GenerationCherry, Cherry
New Power GenerationCount The Days
New Power GenerationDj Seduces Sonny
New Power GenerationGet Wild
New Power GenerationHallucination Rain
New Power GenerationNew Power Day
New Power GenerationNpg Bum Rush The Ship
New Power GenerationReturn Of The Bump Squad
New Power GenerationSegue
New Power GenerationThe Good Life
New RadicalsYou Get What You Give
Nick GilderHot Child in the City
Night RangerSister Christian
NilssonWithout You
Norman GreenbaumSpirit In the Sky

Playlist Updated Sunday 02-Jan-2022
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