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DJ Jitar's Playlist

When I am on-the-air you can request a song from this playlist by clicking the REQUEST button next to the song you wish to hear. You can request up to 3 songs per day.

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Artist Title Request
P!nkGet the Party Started
PINKNever Gonna Not Dance Again
Panic! At The DiscoMiddle Of A Breakup
Panic! At The DiscoViva Las Vengeance
Paper LaceThe Night Chicago Died
ParamountsPoison Ivy
Pat BenatarHit Me With Your Best Shot
Patrick JuvetI Love America
Patt Cupp & his Flying SaucersI'm A Long Gone Daddy
Patt Cupp & his Flying SaucersThat Girl Of Mine
Patti Labelle And The BluebellsTear After Tear
Patti Smith GroupBecause the Night
Paul JonesHigh Time
Paul McCartneyBand On The Run
Paul McCartney & Stevie WonderEbony And Ivory
Paul Revere and the RaidersIndian Reservation
Paul Simon50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
Paul SimonLoves Me Like a Rock
Paul SimonSlip Slidin' Away
Paul van DykTell Me Why (The Riddle)
Paula AbdulOpposites Attract
Peaches & HerbReunited
Pet Shop BoysIt's a Sin
Pete TownshendLet My Love Open The Door
Peter FramptonI'm In You
Peter FramptonShow Me The Way
Peter GabrielSledgehammer
Peter Jacques BandFire Night Dance
Peter Jacques BandWalking On Music
Peter and GordonA World Without Love
Phil CollinsOne More Night
Phil CollinsSussudio
Phil Gray & his Go BoysBluest Boy In Town
Phil Gray & his Go BoysPepper Hot Baby
Philip Bailey, Phil CollinsEasy Lover
Phyllis NelsonI Like You
PinkDear Mr. President (Feat. Indigo Girls)
PinkDon't Let Me Get Me
PinkFamily Portrait
PinkFuckin' Perfect
PinkGlitter In The Air
PinkI Don't Believe You
PinkJust Like A Pill
PinkPlease Don't Leave Me
PinkRaise Your Glass
PinkSo What
PinkStupid Girls
PinkThere You Go
PinkU + Ur Hand
PinkWho Knew
Pink FloydAnother Brick In The Wall: Part II
PinkFloydThe Nile Song
Pino D'AngioMa Quale Idea
PitbullGive Me Everything
Planet SoulSet U Free
PlayhittyThe Summer is Magic
PretendersBrass In Pocket
Pretty PoisonCatch Me (I'm Falling)
Prince1999 (Full Length Version)
PrinceA Million Days
PrinceA Woman's Gotta Have It
PrinceAcknowledge Me
PrinceAct Of God
PrinceAffirmation Iii
PrinceAlbum Edit
PrinceAlbum Version
PrinceAlexa De Paris (B Side)
PrinceAlexa De Paris (Extended Version)
PrinceAll The Critics Love U In New York
PrinceAll The Midnights In The World
PrinceAll This Love
PrinceAlphabet St
PrinceAlphabet St
PrinceAlphabet St.
PrinceAlphabet St. (...This Is Not Music, This Is A Trip...)
PrinceAlphabet St. (Edit)
PrinceAlphabet St. (Extended)
PrinceAlphabet St. (Lp Version)
PrinceAn Honest Man
PrinceAnd God Created Woman
PrinceAnimal Kingdom
PrinceAnna Stesia
PrinceAnnie Christian
PrinceAnother Boy
PrinceAnotherloverholenyohead (Extended Version)
PrinceArt Official Cage
PrinceBaby Knows (Extended Version)
PrinceBaby Knows (Feat. Sheryl Crow)
PrinceBallad Of Dorothy Parker
PrinceBatdance (The Batmix)
PrinceBatdance (Vicki Vale Mix)
PrinceBe My Mirror
PrinceBeatiful, Loved & Blessed
PrinceBeautiful Girl
PrinceBeautiful Strange (Previously Unreleased)
PrinceBeautiful, Loved And Blessed
PrinceBeginning Endlessly
PrinceBetcha By Golly Wow
PrinceBetter With Time
PrinceBilly Jack Bitch
PrinceBlack Sweat
PrinceBlack Sweat
PrinceBlue Light
PrinceBob George
PrinceBrand New Orleans
PrinceBreakfast Can Wait
PrinceBrother With A Purpose - Prince
PrinceCalhoun Square
PrinceCall My Name
PrinceCan't Stop This Feeling I Got
PrinceChaos And Disorder
PrinceChelsea Rodgers
PrinceChocolate Box
PrinceChristopher Tracy's Parade
PrinceCindy C.
PrinceCinnamon Girl
PrinceCircle Of Amour
PrinceClockin (The Jazz Instrumental)
PrinceCoincidence Or Fate
PrinceColonized Mind
PrinceCome On
PrinceCourtin' Time
PrinceCrazy You
PrinceCream ( Lp Version W_O Rap Monologue )
PrinceCream (N.P.G. Mix)
PrinceCurious Child
PrinceDa Bang
PrinceDa, Da, Da
PrinceDaddy Pop (Lp Version)
PrinceDamn U
PrinceDamned If I Do
PrinceDance 4 Me
PrinceDance On
PrinceDays Of Wild (Single Edit)
PrinceDead On It
PrinceDear Mr. Man
PrinceDiamonds And Pearls
PrinceDiamonds And Pearls ( Lp Version)
PrinceDig U Better Dead
PrinceDigital Garden
PrinceDinner With Delores
PrinceDirty Mind
PrinceDo It All Night
PrinceDo Me, Baby
PrinceDo U Lie
PrinceDo Your Dance (K.C.'s Remix)
PrinceDolphin (Extended)
PrinceDon't Play Me
PrinceDon't Talk 2 Strangers
PrinceDream Factory
PrinceDreamin' About U
PrinceElectric Chair
PrinceElectric Chair (Remix)
PrinceElephants & Flowers
PrinceEmpty Room
PrinceEscape (Edit)
PrinceEtheral Mix
PrinceEthereal Mix
PrinceEverybody Loves Me
PrinceEveryday Is A Winding Road
PrinceExtended Remix
PrinceEye Hate U
PrinceEye Hate U (Extended Remix)
PrinceEye Love U, But Eye Don't Trust U Anymore
PrinceFace Down
PrinceFeel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful
PrinceFeel U Up
PrinceFeel U Up (Long Stroke)
PrinceFor You
PrinceForever In My Life
PrinceFreaks On This Side
PrinceFree The Music
PrinceFrom The Lotus...
PrinceFunky Music
PrinceFuture Baby Mama
PrinceFuture Soul Song
PrinceGangster Glam
PrinceGet Loose
PrinceGet Off - Prince
PrinceGet On The Boat
PrinceGet Some Solo
PrinceGet Wild
PrinceGet Wild (Club Mix)
PrinceGet Wild (Get Wild In The House)
PrinceGet Wild (In The House Remix)
PrinceGet Wild (Kirky J's Get Wild)
PrinceGet Wild (Money Maker Funky Jazz Mix)
PrinceGet Wild (Money Maker)
PrinceGet Yo Groove On
PrinceGett Off
PrinceGett Off ( Lp Version)
PrinceGett Off (Extended Remix)
PrinceGett Off (Extended Remix)
PrinceGett Off (Single Remix)
PrinceGirl (B Side)
PrinceGirls & Boys
PrinceGlam Slam
PrinceGlam Slam (Edit)
PrinceGlam Slam (Shep Pettibone Remix)
PrinceGold (Alternate Radio Mix With Guitar Solo)
PrinceGold (Radio Edit Without Guitar Solo)
PrinceGolden Parachute
PrinceGood Love
PrinceGotta Broken Heart Again
PrinceGotta Stop (Messin' About)
PrinceGraffiti Bridge
PrinceHad U
PrinceHallucination Rain
PrinceHello (B Side)
PrinceHere Eye Come
PrinceHide The Bone
PrinceHonky Tonk Woman
PrinceHorny Toad
PrinceHot Thing
PrinceHot Thing (Extended Remix)
PrinceHot Thing (Hot Dub Edit)
PrinceHot Wit U (Feat. Eve)
PrinceHot Wit U (Nasty Girl Remix)
PrinceHow Come U Don't Call Me Anymore
PrinceI Can Make You Love Me
PrinceI Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
PrinceI Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Unreleased Version Edit)
PrinceI Feel For You
PrinceI Like It There
PrinceI Love U in Me
PrinceI Love U, But I Don't Trust U Anymore (Original Version)
PrinceI Rock Therefore I Am
PrinceI Wanna Be Your Lover
PrinceI Wanna Melt With U
PrinceI Will
PrinceI Wish U Heaven
PrinceI Wonder U
PrinceI Would Die 4 U
PrinceI'll Do Anything
PrinceI'm Yours
PrinceIf Eye Was The Man In Ur Life
PrinceIf I Love U 2Night
PrinceIf I Was Your Girlfriend
PrinceIllusion, Coma, Pimp & Circumstance
PrinceIn Love
PrinceIn This Bed I Scream
PrinceIncense And Candles
PrinceInsatiable ( Lp Version)
PrinceInternational Lover
PrinceInto The Light
PrinceIrresistible Bitch
PrinceIt (Maniac Mix Edit)
PrinceIt's About That Walk
PrinceIt's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night (Edit)
PrinceIt's Gonna Be Lonely
PrinceJack U Off
PrinceJam Of The Year
PrinceJoint 2 Joint
PrinceJoy In Repetition
PrinceJudas Smile
PrinceJughead ( Lp Version)
PrinceJust As Long As We're Together
PrinceKept Woman
PrinceKirk J's B Sides Remix
PrinceKiss (Extended Version)
PrinceLa, La, La Means I Love You
PrinceLason Nevins Remix Edit
PrinceLast Heart
PrinceLe Grind
PrinceLemon Crush
PrinceLet's Go Crazy
PrinceLet's Go Crazy
PrinceLet's Go Crazy (Extended Version)
PrinceLet's Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix)
PrinceLet's Have A Baby
PrinceLet's Pretend We're Married
PrinceLet's Work
PrinceLetitgo ((-) Sherm Stick Edit)
PrinceLetitgo (Cavi' Street Edit)
PrinceLetitgo (Caviar Radio Edit)
PrinceLetitgo (Edit)
PrinceLetitgo (Instrumental)
PrinceLetitgo (On The Cool-Out Tip Radio Edit)
PrinceLetitgo (Original Album Version)
PrinceLetitgo (Original Radio Edit)
PrinceLetitgo (Sherm Stick Edit)
PrinceLife 'o' The Party
PrinceLife Can Be So Nice
PrinceLion Of Judah
PrinceLittle Red Corvette
PrinceLittle Red Corvette (Dance Mix)
PrinceLove 2 The 9's
PrinceLove Like Jazz
PrinceLove Or $ (Full Length 12 Version)
PrinceLove Sign
PrinceLove Sign (Shock G's Silky Sm
PrinceLoveleft, Loveright - Prince
PrinceMake Believe
PrinceMake Yo Mama Happy
PrinceMan 'o' War
PrinceMan In A Uniform
PrinceMan O' War (Remix)
PrinceMoney Don't Matter 2 Night
PrinceMovie Star
PrinceMr. Goodnight
PrinceMr. Happy
PrinceMuse 2 The Pharoah
PrinceMustang Instrumental
PrinceMustang Mix
PrinceMy Computer
PrinceMy Little Pill
PrinceMy Love Is Forever
PrinceMy Name Is Prince
PrinceMy Name Is Prince (Edit)
PrinceMy Name Is Prince (House Mix)
PrinceMy Name Is Prince (Lp Version)
PrinceNeptunes Radio Edit Feat. Q-Tip
PrinceNew Position
PrinceNew Power Generation
PrinceNew Power Soul
PrinceNew World
PrinceNo More Candy 4 U
PrinceNpg (Funky Weapon Remix) - Prince
PrinceOl' Skool Company
PrinceOld Friends 4 Sale
PrinceOn The Couch
PrinceOne Kiss At A Time
PrinceOne Of Us
PrinceOne Of Your Tears
PrinceOsaka Soundcheck
PrinceP Control
PrinceP Control (Remix)
PrincePaisley Park (B Side)
PrincePartyman Music Mix
PrincePhone Call 2
PrincePink Cashmere (Album Version)
PrincePink Cashmere (Guitar Version)
PrincePlanet Earth
PrincePlay In The Sunshine
PrincePoom Poom
PrincePoor Goo
PrincePop Life
PrincePop Life (Ext Uk Version)
PrincePop Life (Fresh Dance Mix)
PrincePope (12 Remix)
PrincePope (Album Version)
PrincePretty Man
PrincePrivate Joy
PrincePromise, Broken
PrinceProps N' Pounds
PrincePurple House
PrincePurple Medley (Edit)
PrincePush ( Lp Version)
PrincePush It Up!
PrinceQ In Doubt
PrinceQuiet Night Mix By Eric Leeds
PrinceRainbow Children
PrinceRasberry Beret (Ext Version)
PrinceRaspberry Beret
PrinceRave In2 The Joy Fantastic (Remix)
PrinceRave Un2 The Joy Fantastic
PrinceRight Back Here In My Arms
PrinceRight The Wrong
PrinceRock And Roll Love Affair (Jamie Lewis Club Radio Mix)
PrinceRock And Roll Love Affair (Original Radio Mix)
PrinceRockhard In A Funky Place
PrinceRonnie, Talk To Russia
PrinceRosario (1999)
PrinceS&M Groove
PrinceScandalous - (Crime Mix)
PrinceScandalous - (Passion Mix)
PrinceScandalous - (Rapture Mix)
PrinceScarlet Pussy
PrinceScarlet Pussy
PrinceSea Of Everything
PrinceSex In The Summer
PrinceSex Me Sex Me Not
PrinceSexual Suicide
PrinceSexy Dancer
PrinceSexy M. F.
PrinceSexy M.F. (Clean Version)
PrinceSexy Mutha
PrinceSexy Mutha
PrinceSexy Staxaphone And Guitar
PrinceShe Gave Her Angels
PrinceShe Loves Me 4 Me
PrinceSign 'o' The Times
PrinceSign 'o' The Times
PrinceSilly Game
PrinceSilver Tanque
PrinceSleep Around
PrinceSlow Love
PrinceSlow Love
PrinceSo Blue
PrinceSo Dark
PrinceSo Far, So Pleased (Feat. Gwen Stefani)
PrinceSoft And Wet
PrinceSolo (Album Version)
PrinceSomebody's Somebody
PrinceSomebody's Somebody (Ultrafantasy Edit)
PrinceSomething In The Water (Does Not Compute)
PrinceSomething U Already Know
PrinceSometimes It Snows In April
PrinceSomewhere Here On Earth
PrinceSong Of The Heart
PrinceSoul Sanctuary
PrinceSpace (Acoustic Remix)
PrinceSpace (Album Version)
PrinceSpace (Album)
PrinceSpace (Funky Stuff Dub)
PrinceSpace (Funky Stuff Remix)
PrinceSpace (Universal Love Radio Remix)
PrinceSpace (Universal Love Remix)
PrinceStanding At The Altar
PrinceStarfish And Coffee
PrinceStarfish And Coffee (Muppet Mix)
PrinceSticky Like Glue
PrinceStill Waiting
PrinceStill Would Stand All Time
PrinceStrange But True
PrinceStrange Relationship
PrinceStrange Relationship (First Mix Edit)
PrinceStrays Of The World
PrinceStrollin' (Lp Version)
PrinceSweet Baby
PrinceT.C.S Rap - Prince
PrinceTake Me With You
PrinceTangerine (Extended Version)
PrinceTe Amo Corazon
PrinceTell Me How U Wanna B Done
PrinceTemple House Dub - Fade
PrinceTemple House Dub New Power Generation - Prince
PrinceThe Arms Of Orion
PrinceThe Ballad Of Dorothy Parker
PrinceThe Continental
PrinceThe Crime
PrinceThe Cross
PrinceThe Daisy Chain
PrinceThe Dance
PrinceThe Ever Changing Light
PrinceThe Everlasting Now
PrinceThe Flow
PrinceThe Future
PrinceThe Future (Remix)
PrinceThe Gold Standard
PrinceThe Good Life (Album Version)
PrinceThe Good Life (Big City Remix)
PrinceThe Good Life (Bullets Go Bang Remix)
PrinceThe Good Life (Dancing Divaz Mix)
PrinceThe Good Life (Platinum People Edit)
PrinceThe Greatest Romance Ever Sold
PrinceThe Holy River
PrinceThe Holy River (Radio Edit)
PrinceThe Human Body
PrinceThe Lost Is Found
PrinceThe Love We Make
PrinceThe Lubricated Lady
PrinceThe Marrying Kind
PrinceThe Max
PrinceThe Morning After
PrinceThe Morning Papers
PrinceThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World
PrinceThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World
PrinceThe Most Beautiful Girl In The World
PrinceThe One
PrinceThe One U Wanna C
PrinceThe Other Side Of The Pillow
PrinceThe Passion
PrinceThe Plan
PrinceThe Plan
PrinceThe Purple Party Mix
PrinceThe Question Of U
PrinceThe Rapture
PrinceThe Rest Of My Life
PrinceThe Rest Of My Life
PrinceThe Sacrifice Of Victor
PrinceThe Same December
PrinceThe Sensual Everafter
PrinceThe Sun, The Moon And Stars
PrinceThe Sun, The Moon And Stars (Original Version)
PrinceThe Truth
PrinceThe Word
PrinceThe Work Pt.1
PrinceThere Is Lonely
PrinceThere Is Lonely
PrinceThieves In The House Mix
PrinceThieves In The House Mix - Prince
PrinceThieves In The Temple
PrinceThieves In The Temple
PrinceThieves In The Temple (Remix)
PrinceThings Have Gotta Change (Tony M Rap)
PrinceThis Could Be Us
PrinceThunder ( Lp Version)
PrinceTick, Tick, Bang
PrinceTo Whom It May Concern
PrinceTokyo Soundcheck
PrinceU Got The Look
PrinceU Know
PrinceU Make My Sun Shine
PrinceU're Gonna C Me
PrinceUnder The Cherry Moon
PrinceUnderneath The Cream
PrinceUndisputed (Feat. Chuck D)
PrinceUndisputed (The Moneyopolis Mix)
PrinceUnited States Of Division
PrinceUntil U're In My Arms Again
PrinceVenus De Milo
PrinceVicki Waiting
PrinceViolet The Organ Grinder
PrinceWalk Don't Walk ( Lp Version)
PrinceWalk In Sand
PrinceWall Of Berlin
PrinceWay Back Home
PrinceWe Can Funk
PrinceWe Gets Up
PrinceWe March
PrinceWedding Feast
PrinceWhat Do U Want Me 2 Do
PrinceWhat It Feels Like
PrinceWhat's My Name
PrinceWhen 2 R In Love
PrinceWhen Doves Cry
PrinceWhen Doves Cry (Album Version)
PrinceWhen Eye Lay My Hands On U
PrinceWhen The Lights Go Down
PrinceWhen U Love Somebody
PrinceWhen We're Dancing Close And
PrinceWhen Will We B Paid
PrinceWhen You Were Mine
PrinceWherever U Go, Whatever U Do (Original Version)
PrinceWhite Mansion
PrinceWhy You Wanna Treat Me So Bad
PrinceWilling And Able ( Lp Version)
PrinceWith You
PrinceY Should Eye Do That When Eye Can Do This
PrinceYou Will Be Moved
Prince & The RevolutionAmerica
Prince & The RevolutionAround The World In A Day
Prince & The RevolutionCondition Of The Heart
Prince & The RevolutionPaisley Park
Prince & The RevolutionPop Life
Prince & The RevolutionTamborine
Prince & The RevolutionThe Ladder
Prince And The New Power GenerationCream
Prince And The New Power GenerationGangster Glam
Prince And The New Power GenerationHorny Pony
Prince And The NpgGett Off (Single Remix)
Prince And The NpgGett Off (Urge Single Edit)
Prince And The RevolutionBaby I'm A Star
Prince And The RevolutionComputer Blue
Prince And The RevolutionDarling Nikki
Prince And The RevolutionI Would Die 4 U
Prince And The RevolutionLet's Go Crazy
Prince And The RevolutionTake Me With U
Prince And The RevolutionThe Beautiful Ones
Prince And The RevolutionWhen Doves Cry
Prince and the New Power GenerationCream
Prince and the New Power GenerationGett Off
Prince and the New Power GenerationSexy M.F
Prince, Mavis Staples, TevinMavis Staples, Tevin Campbell, T.C. Ellis And Robin Power - New Power Generation (Pt. Ii)
Prince/Revolution17 Days
Prince/RevolutionAnother Lonely Christmas
Prince/RevolutionErotic City
Prince/RevolutionI Would Die 4 U
Prince/RevolutionShe's Always in My Hair
Prince/Sheena EastonU Got The Look
Procul HarumHomburg
Prodigal SonHead Cyaan Hot So
Professor Pennygoode's Mighty Flea CircusFired Up
Professor Pennygoode's Mighty Flea CircusStanding Room Only
Professor Pennygoode's Mighty Flea CircusSugar Daddy
Professor Pennygoode's Mighty Flea CircusSunday in the Springtime
Professor Pennygoode's Mighty Flea CircusTwo Cat Jump
Professor Pennygoode's Mighty Flea CircusWreckin Ball (ft. Slim Jim Phantom)
The Partridge FamilyAlone Too Long
The Partridge FamilyAm I Losing You
The Partridge FamilyAs Long As You're There
The Partridge FamilyAs Long as There's You
The Partridge FamilyBandala
The Partridge FamilyBrand New Me
The Partridge FamilyBrown Eyes
The Partridge FamilyCherish
The Partridge FamilyCome on Get Happy
The Partridge FamilyCome on Love
The Partridge FamilyCould It Be Forever
The Partridge FamilyDoesn't Somebody Want to Be Wanted
The Partridge FamilyEcho Valley 2-6809
The Partridge FamilyEvery Little Bit O'You
The Partridge FamilyEvery Song Is You
The Partridge FamilyFriend and a Lover
The Partridge FamilyGirl, You Make My Day
The Partridge FamilyHello, Hello
The Partridge FamilyHow Long Is Too Long
The Partridge FamilyI Can Feel Your Heartbeat
The Partridge FamilyI Got Your Love All Over Me
The Partridge FamilyI Heard You Singing Your Song
The Partridge FamilyI Really Want to Know You
The Partridge FamilyI Think I Love You
The Partridge FamilyI Woke up in Love This Morning
The Partridge FamilyI Would Have Loved You Anyway
The Partridge FamilyI Wouldn't Put Nuthin' Over on You
The Partridge FamilyI'll Leave Myself a Little Time
The Partridge FamilyI'll Meet You Halfway
The Partridge FamilyI'll Meet You Halfway
The Partridge FamilyI'll Never Get Over You
The Partridge FamilyI'm Here, You're Here
The Partridge FamilyI'm on My Way Back Home
The Partridge FamilyI'm on the Road
The Partridge FamilyIf You Ever Go
The Partridge FamilyIt Means I'm in Love With You
The Partridge FamilyIt Sounds Like You're Saying Hello
The Partridge FamilyIt's All In Your Mind
The Partridge FamilyIt's One Of Those Nights (Yes Love)
The Partridge FamilyIt's One of Those Nights (Yes Love)
The Partridge FamilyIt's You
The Partridge FamilyIt's a Long Way to Heaven
The Partridge FamilyLast Night
The Partridge FamilyLay It on the Line
The Partridge FamilyLet Your Love Go
The Partridge FamilyLookin' for a Good Time
The Partridge FamilyLooking Through the Eyes of Love
The Partridge FamilyLove Is All That I Ever Needed
The Partridge FamilyMoney, Money
The Partridge FamilyMorning Rider on the Road
The Partridge FamilyNow That You Got Me Where You Want Me
The Partridge FamilyOh, No, Not My Baby
The Partridge FamilyOne Day at a Time
The Partridge FamilyOne Night Stand
The Partridge FamilyOne Night Stand
The Partridge FamilyOnly a Moment Ago
The Partridge FamilyPoint Me in the Direction of Albuquerque
The Partridge FamilyPoint Me in the Direction of Albuquerque
The Partridge FamilyRainmaker
The Partridge FamilyRoller Coaster
The Partridge FamilyShe'd Rather Have the Rain
The Partridge FamilySinging My Song
The Partridge FamilySomebody Wants to Love You
The Partridge FamilySomething New Got Old
The Partridge FamilySomething's Wrong
The Partridge FamilySummer Days
The Partridge FamilySummer Days
The Partridge FamilySunshine
The Partridge FamilyThat'll Be the Day
The Partridge FamilyThat's the Way It Is With You
The Partridge FamilyThere'll Come A Time
The Partridge FamilyThere's No Doubt in My Mind
The Partridge FamilyTo Be Lovers
The Partridge FamilyTwenty-Four Hours a Day
The Partridge FamilyUmbrella Man
The Partridge FamilyWalking in the Rain
The Partridge FamilyWhere Do We Go from Here?
The Partridge FamilyYou Are Always on My Mind
The Partridge FamilyYou Don't Have to Tell Me
The PhantomLove Me
The Pointer SistersFire
The Pointer SistersI'm So Excited
The PolecatsBlack Magic
The PolecatsGravedigger Rock
The PolecatsMake a Circuit With Me
The PolecatsMarie Celeste
The PoliceBe My Girl - Sally
The PoliceBehind My Camel
The PoliceBombs Away
The PoliceBorn in the 50's
The PoliceBring on the Night
The PoliceCan't Stand Losing You
The PoliceCanary in a Coalmine
The PoliceContact
The PoliceDarkness
The PoliceDe Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
The PoliceDeathwish
The PoliceDemolition Man
The PoliceDoes Everyone Stare
The PoliceDon't Stand So Close to Me
The PoliceDriven to Tears
The PoliceEvery Breath You Take
The PoliceEvery Little Thing She Does Is Magic
The PoliceHole in My Life
The PoliceHungry for You (J'aurais Toujours Faim de Toi)
The PoliceInvisible Sun
The PoliceIt's Alright for You
The PoliceKing of Pain
The PoliceMan in a Suitcase
The PoliceMasoko Tanga
The PoliceMessage in a Bottle
The PoliceMiss Gradenko
The PoliceMother
The PoliceMurder by Numbers
The PoliceNext to You
The PoliceNo Time This Time
The PoliceO My God
The PoliceOmegaman
The PoliceOn Any Other Day
The PoliceOne World (Not Three)
The PolicePeanuts
The PoliceReggatta de Blanc
The PoliceRehumanize Yourself
The PoliceRoxanne
The PoliceSecret Journey
The PoliceShadows in the Rain
The PoliceSo Lonely
The PoliceSpirits in the Material World
The PoliceSynchronicity I
The PoliceSynchronicity II
The PoliceTea in the Sahara
The PoliceThe Bed's Too Big Without You
The PoliceThe Other Way of Stopping
The PoliceToo Much Information
The PoliceTruth Hits Everybody
The PoliceVoices Inside My Head
The PoliceWalking in Your Footsteps
The PoliceWalking on the Moon
The PoliceWhen the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around
The PoliceWrapped Around Your Finger
The PrinceMadness
The Pussycat DollsBeep (ft will-i-am)
The Pussycat DollsButtons
The Pussycat DollsDon't Cha

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