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Decades of Rock Radio Playlist

DJ Jitar's Playlist

When I am on-the-air you can request a song from this playlist by clicking the REQUEST button next to the song you wish to hear. You can request up to 3 songs per day.

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Artist Title Request
The WhispersIt-s A Love Thing
The WhispersRock Steady
The White StripesIcky Thump
The White StripesThe Denial Twist
The WhoPinball Wizard
The WhoSqueeze Box
The WhoThe Kids Are Alright
The WhoWon't Get Fooled Again
Wanda DavisSave Me
Wanda JacksonFujiyama Mama
Wanda JacksonHot Dog! That Made Him Mad
Wanda JacksonLet's Have A Party
Wanda JacksonOne Minute Past Eternity
Wanda JacksonRock Your Baby
Wang ChungEverybody Have Fun Tonight
WarThe Cisco Kid
WarWhy Can't We Be Friends?
Ward 21Gully Gun
Warren SmithRed Cadillac and a Black Moustache
Warren SmithRock 'n' Roll Ruby
Warren SmithSo Long, I'm Gone
Warren SmithUbangi Stomp
Warren ZevonWerewolves Of London
Was (Not Was)Walk The Dinosaur
Waylon Jenning & James GarnerI'll Find It Where I Can
Wayne WonderNo Letting Go
We Are LeoEpic
WebLovin' Times (Extended Mix)
Weird Al Yankovic(This Song's Just) Six Words Long
Weird Al YankovicA Complicated Song
Weird Al YankovicAchy Breaky Song
Weird Al YankovicAddicted To Spuds
Weird Al YankovicAirline Amy
Weird Al YankovicAlimony
Weird Al YankovicAmish Paradise
Weird Al YankovicAngry White Boy Polka
Weird Al YankovicAnother One Rides The Bus
Weird Al YankovicAnother Tattoo
Weird Al YankovicAttack Of The Radioactive Hamsters From A Planet Near Mars
Weird Al YankovicBedrock Anthem
Weird Al YankovicBob
Weird Al YankovicBohemian Polka
Weird Al YankovicBuckingham Blues
Weird Al YankovicBuy Me A Condo
Weird Al YankovicCNR
Weird Al YankovicCable TV
Weird Al YankovicCallin' In Sick
Weird Al YankovicCanadian Idiot
Weird Al YankovicCavity Search
Weird Al YankovicChristmas At Ground Zero
Weird Al YankovicClose But No Cigar
Weird Al YankovicConfession Part III
Weird Al YankovicCouch Potato
Weird Al YankovicCraigslist
Weird Al YankovicDare To Be Stupid
Weird Al YankovicDo I Creep You Out
Weird Al YankovicDog Eat Dog
Weird Al YankovicDon't Download This Song
Weird Al YankovicDon't Wear Those Shoes
Weird Al YankovicEat It
Weird Al YankovicEverything You Know Is Wrong
Weird Al YankovicFat
Weird Al YankovicFrank's 2000 inch TV
Weird Al YankovicFun Zone
Weird Al YankovicGandhi II
Weird Al YankovicGeneric Blues
Weird Al YankovicGeorge Of The Jungle
Weird Al YankovicGerms
Weird Al YankovicGirls Just Want To Have Lunch
Weird Al YankovicGood Enough For Now
Weird Al YankovicGood Old Days
Weird Al YankovicGotta Boogie
Weird Al YankovicGrapefruit Diet
Weird Al YankovicGump
Weird Al YankovicHappy Birthday
Weird Al YankovicHardware Store
Weird Al YankovicHarvey The Wonder Hamster
Weird Al YankovicHere's Johnny
Weird Al YankovicHooked On Polkas
Weird Al YankovicI Can't Watch This
Weird Al YankovicI Lost On Jeopardy
Weird Al YankovicI Love Rocky Road
Weird Al YankovicI Remember Larry
Weird Al YankovicI Think I'm A Clone Now
Weird Al YankovicI Want A New Duck
Weird Al YankovicI Was Only Kidding
Weird Al YankovicI'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead
Weird Al YankovicI'll Sue Ya
Weird Al YankovicI'm So Sick Of You
Weird Al YankovicIf That Isn't Love
Weird Al YankovicIsle Thing
Weird Al YankovicIt's All About The Pentiums
Weird Al YankovicJerry Springer
Weird Al YankovicJurassic Park
Weird Al YankovicKing Of Suede
Weird Al YankovicLasagna
Weird Al YankovicLike A Surgeon
Weird Al YankovicLivin' In The Fridge
Weird Al YankovicLiving With A Hernia
Weird Al YankovicMelanie
Weird Al YankovicMidnight Star
Weird Al YankovicMoney For Nothing/ Beverly Hillbillies
Weird Al YankovicMr. Frump In The Iron Lung
Weird Al YankovicMr. Popeil
Weird Al YankovicMy Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder
Weird Al YankovicMy Bologna
Weird Al YankovicNature Trail To Hell
Weird Al YankovicOde To A Superhero
Weird Al YankovicOne More Minute
Weird Al YankovicOne Of Those Days
Weird Al YankovicPancreas
Weird Al YankovicParty At The Leper Colony
Weird Al YankovicParty In The CIA
Weird Al YankovicPerform This Way
Weird Al YankovicPhony Calls
Weird Al YankovicPolka Face
Weird Al YankovicPolka Party!
Weird Al YankovicPolka Power!
Weird Al YankovicPolka Your Eyes Out
Weird Al YankovicPolkarama!
Weird Al YankovicPolkas On 45
Weird Al YankovicPretty Fly For A Rabbi
Weird Al YankovicRicky
Weird Al YankovicRingtone
Weird Al YankovicShe Drives Like Crazy
Weird Al YankovicShe Never Told Me She Was A Mime
Weird Al YankovicSince You've Been Gone
Weird Al YankovicSkipper Dan
Weird Al YankovicSlime Creatures From Outer Space
Weird Al YankovicSmells Like Nirvana
Weird Al YankovicSpam
Weird Al YankovicSpatula City
Weird Al YankovicStop Draggin' My Car Around
Weird Al YankovicStop Forwarding That Crap To Me
Weird Al YankovicStuck In A Closet With Vanna White
Weird Al YankovicSuch A Groovy Guy
Weird Al YankovicSyndicated Inc.
Weird Al YankovicTMZ (Parody of You Belong To Me by Taylor Swift)
Weird Al YankovicTaco Grande
Weird Al YankovicTalk Soup
Weird Al YankovicThat Boy Could Dance
Weird Al YankovicThe Alternative Polka
Weird Al YankovicThe Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota
Weird Al YankovicThe Brady Bunch
Weird Al YankovicThe Check's In The Mail
Weird Al YankovicThe Hot Rocks Polka
Weird Al YankovicThe Night Santa Went Crazy
Weird Al YankovicThe Plumbing Song
Weird Al YankovicThe Saga Begins
Weird Al YankovicThe Weird Al Show Theme
Weird Al YankovicThe White Stuff
Weird Al YankovicTheme From Rocky XIII
Weird Al YankovicThis Is The Life
Weird Al YankovicToothless People
Weird Al YankovicTraffic Jam
Weird Al YankovicTrash Day
Weird Al YankovicTrigger Happy
Weird Al YankovicTruck Drivin' Song
Weird Al YankovicTwister
Weird Al YankovicUHF
Weird Al YankovicVelvet Elvis
Weird Al YankovicVirus Alert
Weird Al YankovicWaffle King
Weird Al YankovicWanna B Ur Lovr
Weird Al YankovicWeasel Stomping Day
Weird Al YankovicWhatever You Like (Parody of Whatever You Like by T.I.)
Weird Al YankovicWhen I Was Your Age
Weird Al YankovicWhite & Nerdy
Weird Al YankovicWhy Does This Always Happen To Me?
Weird Al YankovicYoda
Weird Al YankovicYou Make Me
Weird Al YankovicYoung, Dumb & Ugly
Weird Al YankovicYour Horoscope For Today
Weird Al YankoviceBay
Weird Al Yankovic & Wendy CarlosAardvark
Weird Al Yankovic & Wendy CarlosAlligator
Weird Al Yankovic & Wendy CarlosAmoeba
Weird Al Yankovic & Wendy CarlosCockroaches
Weird Al Yankovic & Wendy CarlosFinale
Weird Al Yankovic & Wendy CarlosHummingbirds
Weird Al Yankovic & Wendy CarlosPigeons
Weird Al Yankovic & Wendy CarlosPoodle
Weird Al Yankovic & Wendy CarlosShark
Weird Al Yankovic & Wendy CarlosSnails
Weird Al Yankovic & Wendy CarlosUnicorn
Weird Al Yankovic & Wendy CarlosVulture
Wet WillieKeep On Smilin'
Wham!Club Tropicana
Wham!Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
When in RomeThe Promise
WhigfieldSaturday Night
Whitney HoustonI Wanna Dance With Somebody
Whitney HoustonI Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)
Whitney HoustonI'm Every Woman
Who Da Funk, Jessica EveShiny Disco Balls (Main Mix)
Wild CherryPlay That Funky Music
Wild CherryPlay That Funky Music
Will SmithGettin Jiggy Wit It
Willie Ward & the WarblersI'm A Madman
Wilson PhillipsHold On

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